Lithographer: Lehman and Duval (George Lehman (d.1870); Peter S. Duval) Painter: Henry Inman (1801-20-28 – 1846-01-17); copy after a painting by Charles Bird King (1785 – 1862) which was lost in a fire in the Smithsonian in 1865. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The mystical realm chooses the way it wants to offer lessons of high importance. It is usually up to us to figure out the meaning of such lessons. One of our psychics enjoys expressing her dreams and visions in poetry style. Here is another one of hers:


One breezy evening after a heavy meal
I sat down in a chair on the porch in my home
It was a peaceful time when my thoughts were aglow
Itching indeed I was to soar to other lands

The buzzing of the flies, the beetles and the moths
Along with the good foods lulled me gently to sleep
I then saw glide to me this man with a turban
He smiled and said to me “My name is Sequoyah”

He told me of pastures, of rivers and of lakes
Of buttes and of boulders, of bluffs and of cascades
He gave me a vision of when I freely ran
Next to the butterflies, the deer and the squirrels

I saw myself on top of a promontory
Peering at the prairie and at the green grasses
Children were gleefully laughing at each other
While the mothers laundered in the nearby river

Sequoyah said to me “You once were here with us
You were part of this land ‘cause you knew in your heart
Nature is to no one but yet belongs to all
The past is a mirror of an unknown future

Fly and visit this place that your heart once called home
Feel for yourself the love you nurtured for this land
Visualize your kinsmen and then say to yourself
Wherever you may be we are all one in soul”