Discernment is an art for it requires an inherent ability and practice. One without the other is incomplete and can be a recipe for misery. Discernment entails the knowledge that “as above, so below” is a valid adage. When we enter the spiritual world whether from our own volition or through pressure from our Higher Self, we become a twinkling light so to speak. It means that we are now visible to the world beyond our senses.

In the past, our focus was on angels, archangels, genies, djinns, ghosts, spirits or demons. Today, we also talk about aliens. Everyone has either heard, read or experienced it. These concepts are all part of the unknown or of the above which we as human beings are continually trying to understand. Therefore, because it is not open to just our physical senses, we must employ some other means to decipher the bombardment of messages we continually receive from that world.

Discernment calls for us to remain vigilant at all times, meaning that we must be aware that there are many variables, factors and inputs into a comment, a statement or an action from the unknown. We frequently hear “Use your judgment.” Therefore, when we are dealing with the unknown, we must employ the same tactics as we would use with our family, friends or strangers for that matter. We all have the ability to feel and sense falsities, but some of us don’t want to be bothered for one reason or another. It requires staying on our toes and we don’t have the patience for it.

Messages come from many sources. They are available to us through dreams, visions, synchronicities, strangers, friends, songs, phrases in our “ears”, general conversation, whispers, books or just momentary thoughts. Some messages are there to distract us from our spiritual path. They play the role of deterrents. Some are there to push us toward a destructive path. Their goal is that of negative catalyst. Some others are genuine messages from the above, there to guide us to the next level. They are positive catalysts. It is up to us to figure out which is which. Fear or obsession serves us no purpose. We must keep a clear vision of where we are heading.

There are three solid paths in spirituality besides the in-between ones that we consider wishy-washy because they can slide one way or another. The three paths are: benevolence, malevolence and neutrality. We can even rephrase it to: positive, negative or neutral. Once we determine which path defines us beyond any doubt, we can now proceed in the direction we are meant to be on with determination.

The examples below come from what we have garnered over the years from reading, hearing, experiencing and observing. We all have our own mechanism for learning so we must use what works best for us. We will stumble several times, some of us more and some of us less but we eventually become good at it. Discernment is a road well worth paving to avoid serious scrapes. So what exactly does it require?

1) When we are offered rewards, gifts, treasures, riches and it all sounds unrealistic, we need to follow our instinct. A warning bell is being deployed.

2) When we are given high titles, messianic goals, elevated status, we have to beware.

3) When a convoluted tale of such magnificent outcome is spread in front of our eyes, being skeptical is a defense mechanism that could save us future desolation.

4) When we see ourselves receiving mystical abilities and we do not know where they are coming from, we need to pay attention to our inner self. What good does it serve? Who does it benefit? Why are they given?

5) When we are sent to do an elusive errand and in return we will be recompensed, we need to evaluate what we are being asked to do.

6) When we hear a message right before or after a decision we made, we need to determine what the intention is. Is it a deterrent or is it a catalyst?

7) When we get a message elevating us above others or flattering us, we need to let go of ego and question what the messenger is trying to gain.

As a final note, discernment is an on-going effort and therefore is relative to our continuous advancement in life. We will be tempted and tested at every turn but what must remain clear in our mind and in our heart is on which side we stand: benevolence, malevolence or neutrality.

The final judge is us!!!!