Farmers we need you


Farmers, we need you. Our lands are being bombarded. Our lands are being infected. More and more farm lands are continuously being hit with astral barbs.

Please save us. Save humanity. Save our children. Violence is rampant in our society. We are all paying a price for that which most of us are not aware of. The food you produce is full of astral bugs and they are responsible for some of society’s ills.

How you can help diminish the impact of this onslaught is by making sure you, your employees and your land are astrally clean. We all know that t is a hard task and that the majority of us are not willing to tackle it. We depend on you to be the precursor of high-frequency living.

The problem hits us at home when we are affected, when our children who we tried to raise the right way tumble, when our friends exhibit signs of derailment, when our neighbors misbehave so badly that we say it is not like them. We start paying attention but we feel that our hands are tied.

Everybody in society is responsible for the actions of others because we are all connected and when we least expect it we ourselves get hit. It is an on-going problem that we might say we did not see as much 30 years ago but now it is becoming more and more visible.

We see drug addictions right in our home. We see murders in our home. We see suicide in our home. We see rape in our home. We see pedophilia in our home. We see diseases in our home. We see high greed in our home. Countless other instances of instability can be mentioned and it is mind-boggling that we remain clueless to the astral world and its impact.

Farmers, we need your help. It all starts with you. You are not being judged. You are simply being asked to keep an eye on infestation of your crops, on your employees displaying ill-actions, on your family’s multiple ills, on reports of unreasonable death around you and on all on-going strife. These are all signs of infestation because they are aspects of chaos and destruction.

Farmers, we need you. We admire your hard work throughout times. We value your determination and your dedication. Please hear our plea.