Light and Dark know not race, color, creed, country, or world


When we see high division, hatred, in-fighting and violence in any situation, we know we are heading toward chaos and destruction because Light knows not race, color, creed, country or world, but Dark does. Dark revels in pain, suffering, hatred, discontent, violence and destruction. That is its forte. So we all need to be careful.

The state of a society and its fate is determined by its strength, ethics, love, justice, solidarity and so on. We know that stagnancy is contrary to progress but we also know that everything in life has a time limit.

Every situation we watch in front of our eyes needs to always be seen at the micro level before the macro one, in order to understand its full implication.

And so it is that we are sharing Marjory’s story. Her father Jerry, rose to power through his parents’ high magical abilities. Nothing was too small for them to do for him because as we know, we are nothing in this world of ours if we do not have money and power.

Jerry reached a high level, he unknowingly caused a lot of pain and torture to people under him and then his world started crumbling. At the age of 42, Jerry was done and could not rise up again. Marjory followed in her father’s footsteps and made it through and although she kept to ethics, the Dark was tailing her. Her sister chose the dark path and there we have it. The whole family started tumbling and nobody knew how to stop it.

Their kids were being born sick. They were facing major losses and death via partner, children, jobs and so on. Nothing was working and destruction became a non-stoppable norm. This story is at the micro level.

Our understanding of right and wrong brings us to the flipping of the above situation to country or world and then to look at it at a macro level. Might and power are not written in stone for anyone or any society and therefore there is no guarantee for permanence.