How do spirits affect us


Spirits are floating around us continuously except that we do not see them. Spirits, ghosts, phantoms or whatever other words apply to them, either have unfinished business with the earth plane or their soul has been retained by higher negative beings.

Spirits can be our ancestors, our friends, acquaintances or simply strangers but they are there for a purpose. If spirits had no more interest or detainment for earth life they would have departed to a higher plane. So it is important to know that they can be there for many reasons.

Often, their unfinished business may be a call for help from them, requesting our assistance so they can move up to a more positive existence. This call can be a simple plea from them such as prayers or good wishes for their well-being, done with intent to solve their plight.

Others, more so on the negative side, may have penalty to pay for their negative deeds on earth. And that is where the problem lies. They are now working for a master from whom they wish they had no dealings with. And that master is there to corrupt mankind.

Each time, we come in presence of someone with ill deeds and or odd behavior, know that there is possibly a spirit involved.

There are multiple spirits roaming around and they are there to re-live their crimes over and over again through the humanity they left behind. So we can deduct that there are spirits of addiction, of murder, rape, torture, poverty, pain, depression, suicide, illnesses, goriness, drugs, gambling and so on.

One particular example of what we are talking about is of a young man named Frantz who grew up in the same house with his brother. Granted it was not the loving environment he would have loved for himself but it was fairly decent.

Frantz slowly derailed into a life of anger, drug, theft and petty crimes. One day he came down to visit his mother and the rest of his family, and nobody could believe their eyes. He was simply demented. His anger was so vibrant that his eyes protruded out of their sockets and he kept pointing at everyone like he wanted to shoot them. He was very restless, could not sit still, drank non-stop, and used horrible words of hatred.

But when his voice started changing to a demonic tone, with eyes bulging out and he approached family members right in their face to shout, they then knew it was not the same person and that he was in a bad place astrally. All along, they faced the fact that drugs were taking over but this new level or possibly new drug had altered completely his reality. Frantz died of a drug overdose.

What would we think if we got a glimpse of what stood next to him? Brr…

Many of us have learned to never underestimate the power of the Dark. We realize that all of us can be taken over if our grasp on life is not strong enough. It is not a matter of religion or science. It rather is the strength and determination to hold and abide to high moral values. To maintain the light we must have a certain level of knowledge and wisdom.

And this process starts when we are born with our parents watching over us. Society is slowly taking a dark turn or it was always like that but we are only noticing it now.

In summary, the stronger our essence is, the less we can be influenced by spirits.