We find that it is important for us to share some of our experiences because we hold ourselves accountable to truth as much as we can. Each experience provides a measure of the possibilities out there rather than fiction.

And so recently, just as Judith was waking up, a sudden vision appeared right in front of her eyes. It was a humongous luminous golden yellow bird with its wings open. As soon as it appeared and stared, it disappeared. Judith had no idea what this bird meant but thought that possibly it could be one of the mythical creatures of the past such as Garuda.

A few hours later, she could not keep her eyes open. So she decided to take a quick nap. And there it was, a solid dream. She was seated on a front porch next to her daughter who was reading something on her cell phone. Judith was astounded by what she saw in the distance flying toward earth. A huge yellow bird with a giant of a man seated on it appeared in the sky. Judith shook her daughter’s arm and said “Look. Look. Vishnu and Garuda are coming down.”

Vishnu and Garuda glided down to earth. Garuda changed from a giant bird to a human male and Vishnu decreased his size to that of an everyday male with human clothing. Both of them seem to be invisible to the people in the street. They walked by, passed in front of Judith and her daughter, bowed their head and continued on.

Judith’s daughter said in the dream, that now that she made up her mind and chose this direction, they decided to come down. She walked back into the house in a tizzy.

We have come to the conclusion that it makes no difference whether these beings are indeed who they say they are or who we assume them to be. We focus on what message they bring, whether they instill fear in us when we see them, if they pass on some kind of negative vibe, if they gift some type of tool that might be to our detriment, if they promise the world, treasure or power which would make us realize they are not of the Light.

The Light, per what we have learned and observed, tends to focus on knowledge and wisdom and by default other blessings come through. The Dark focuses on all that could make mankind powerful, mighty, wealthy beyond belief, so to bring chaos and destruction.

In the end, progress comes to each of us in different ways. We are all special and unique in this universe. We are all attended to in the manner we can accept.