The five benefits of doing six back-to-back foot soaks


The five benefits of doing six back-to-back foot soaks:

  1. Entities can hide in different dimensions within the body. By doing six or more foot soaks one after the other, you can kick out the entities that have buried themselves deep into the different dimensions.
  2. You will feel light after such a cleansing, as if you lost 15 lbs.
  3. Your head will feel light, sometimes even empty as the cavities within have cleansed out.
  4. You are more likely to have visions while doing them because you will be in a meditative state.
  5. You will feel improvement of your emotional state on that day.

The most important reason behind doing multiple soaks back-to-back is that some entities will not leave your body with just one, two or even three soaks. Some entities are so deeply embedded that they need a stronger push in order to depart. If you are acutely clairsentient, you will feel them moving around and then being released.

The human body is like a house. Just as our house needs frequent cleaning, so does our body. Not a day goes by without dust, pollen, mites, and other specks being deposited all over our house. Well, our body receives its share of sediments just as much.

We are bombarded with physical and astral deposits from the time we are born, unbeknown to us. We will focus on the astral deposits which release their toxins either slowly or rapidly, depending on the environment in which we are born into.

And it so happens that these deposits in the form of mites, spiders, ants, implants, entities, octopus and whatever other words may apply, embed themselves deeper and deeper into our system. The longer they stay inside of us, the harder it is to remove them and the more damage they are able to cause. This is the reason why we need to cleanse our body frequently.

Thus on a day off, Sherry decided to do six 20 minutes foot soaks back-to-back in order to see what results she would get. She had her incense flowing during the whole process. Her AC had run at 66 degrees prior to turning it off, in order to keep her body cool in light of the warm soak water and the hot outdoor temperature.

She could not believe that up to the sixth soak she was still releasing stuff as she felt them crawling out of her body. The most interesting part of this experiment was when she felt a pain in her left temporal with something slowly moving down her neck. She had felt this pain during previous soaks but this was the first time it had actually moved. Just as her head was affected, so was her gallbladder where she felt the same type of ache and shifting.

She continued chanting with more strength and power. Her body vibrated more and more. She could feel and sense her organs, just like for years she have felt her egg descending during each menstrual cycle.

She always immediately leaves her house for a few hours, because if she remains she feels these so-called pests come right back into her body. It may sound selfish but these newly released bugs have to find a less resistant body allowing them free passage. They are parasites. They need long-term hosts for stronger damage.

That night during sleep, she got to see the two “otherworldly implants” that had caused the pain. How they had entered she does not know, nor was that of any interest to her. Her most important task was to get rid of them one way or another. So she knew then that in order to obtain continuous cleanliness, she needed to do continuous cleansing just like she does with her own house.

In summary, we are each responsible for our own well-being since we each have our own lifepath. Cleansing frequently is important, but ultimately nobody can impose this process on us if we are not ready or willing to do so.