Light uses Dark to effect change


Ever wonder why you had to go through all these turbulent times in your life in order to arrive at an unexpected terminal? Ever question who is behind your pain and suffering? Blame the Light.

The Light uses the Dark to engender change. That which the Light is not willing to do, it allows the Dark to wreck havoc and chaos so we can arrive at the destination they had planned for us all along. This is providing we believe in a “they” and ulterior motive.

The example that I can share is that of Isabel. Things were going really great for her. She had made it up into the corporate world with title, money, assets and all. And then, her life started tumbling. Her husband died of cancer. She lost her great job. Her son died a few years later. She lost her house and all her possessions.

No matter the fighting against the pull toward the mystical world during those turbulent years, she was drawn deeper and deeper. Life got tougher and tougher while at the same time abilities were developing, knowledge was pouring in, beings were showing up left and right and Isabel could now attest to clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, channeling, prophecy, visions, out-of-body experiences, astral travel, astral projection among others.

With all this, she kept being tested with ethics and resulting decisions. If she did not pass a test, the pattern continued with the same type of experiences until she made the right choice and then they moved on.

Isabel learned that to be part of the Light she needed to go through the Dark and its chaotic and destructive ways to figure out where she stood (not everyone has to.) In those hard times, many nefarious offers were made to her. Was she willing to let go of ethics in order to survive another day? She chose the homeless chic lifestyle, she accepted grudgingly to live another day with the hope that the tide would turn in her favor.

And then, it did. Life got better. She now could stand and argue her point with what she called “The Above.” She complained to them that humanity was treated unfairly. The response was always the same. Humans have free will and they must be allowed to exercise that will.

She argued the point that what they call free will is not so because they allow the dark forces to influence mankind. Their response remained the same: until humanity learns that they do not have the need to kill, to rape, to torture, to demean, to enslave, or to rob, this process for growth and development will remain the same. These beings were quick to say: “Prove thyself.”

Thus the Light uses the Dark to effect changes in a person, a family, a society, a race, a country or a world whenever and however they deem it fit.