Are haunted places safe


Superstition they say!

There are several places that can be considered unsafe in present times or have always been so but we did not know about it. Haunted places, cemeteries or even places of worship can be dangerous, not because of what they stand for but rather for what negative people, ghosts, spirits, thoughtforms, energies, or entities have made of them.

The older we are, the more we should avoid these places because our body is not as strong and healthy as it used to be. Over the years, we develop a lot of bodily portals where access was granted freely and unknowingly by us. Our bodily systems are no longer at their optimum. And because of that, we are easy prey in those places.

For example, we would assume that places of worship are the greatest places to go to for prayers but unfortunately many people throughout the years have used them to do rituals, to cast spells, to invoke nefarious beings for personal gains or for destruction of others. And so, those places become infected and infested, unless those in priestly garbs find a way to continuously keep their place astrally clean.

Notice that children and young adults may go to a place and not have any unfortunate incident. An older person goes to the same place and ends up stumbling, falling, feeling dizzy, or even losing consciousness. The culprits are that which they cannot see, feel, hear or smell floating around.

There are multiple actively working energies at the same time, pouring their invisible barbs onto humans in a highly visited place. The more people, the stronger the activity. It can be a frightening site for a clairvoyant, a harrowing experience for a clairsentient and a distressing episode for a clairaudient. The clairolfactant can turn around and say “the smell is horrific in here.”

On another note, if we think of haunted places, we think of one person or multiple people dying a horrific death in that place. If indeed those horrific deaths are accounted for, instead of an advertising gimmick, we need to avoid those places. Multiple negative energies are roaming around looking for easy preys or hosts.

The same goes for cemeteries. Most dead people are laid to rest in cemeteries whether they led a peaceful life or a violent one. One should avoid standing on or near somebody’s grave, like we see in funerals where there isn’t enough space to stand. One lady we observed at a funeral, fainted right on the dirt road next to a tomb.

A lot of pain has gone on in this world of ours. Therefore a lot of energies and entities find a welcoming environment to rest their empty baskets. The key is to simply be careful.