When psychic powers are or become ours


We are now at a junction where many people attest to having some kind of psychic power. It is not by luck. Many people were born or are being born with them, grew up in families who talked about a particular family member or members who had them, and others develop powers at a later age. That is now a norm even if people don’t bother discussing it. It has been like that for years.

There are many reasons why this has been happening but we will focus on what possibly could be the gods’ (for lack of a better word) involvement in that process. It is quite okay to deny such interaction because otherwise we would have to acknowledge that there are possibly more powerful beings in the universe than we humans are. For all intents and purposes, it is a scientific fact that humans are the only species in the multiverse.

So moving on to the aspect of the “gods.” There seem to be many beings involved with our progress. They may be one and the same group or they may be different groups. Since they’ve appeared to several of us in their ancient times’ shape and garb, we cannot say same or different. Each time we ask them why they come to us in the same manner they came in the past, their answer is that they do it so we know they are the same ones who appeared to humans in the past.

We always remain vigilant because we know that there are benevolent as well as malevolent beings. So it is up to us to discern and determine who stand for the good of humanity and who do not.

Psychic powers are assets in our life as well as encumbrances, if we are not careful. Parents, especially, need to pay close attention to their children because it is easy for them to fall into traps if they are not careful. Parents need to be the most important observers and maintainers of progress in their children’s life. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are very common in children until they learn to bury these abilities.

Humanity continues to change and change involves abilities, knowledge of the universe, communing with the “gods” and so on. The science fiction or sci-fi movies are produced by design to show us a world of possibilities, be they for positive or negative outcome.

Having psychic abilities allows us to choose which side we align ourselves with. Once again, free will is an important decision-maker in our life. Both Light and Dark want us. Both want us to be a part of their group. When we use our powers to do harm no matter in what situation we had to use them, we collaborate with the Dark and with all its implications. When we use powers for good, for progress, and for betterment of the universe, we stand with the Light.

There is no judgement involved in the process. It is a choice we make when we knowingly and willingly choose sides. The only time we can question the right or the wrong of an action is when it relates to children.

Knowledge and wisdom are the most important guides in the use of psychic powers.