Are visions and dreams the same


A while back, our group of psychics had a debate about visions and dreams. We came to the conclusion that they are different from each other.

A dream displays an interaction between the dreamer and the various people involved in the dream. In our case, we found that as long as we are actors in a situation rather than just observers, we are talking about a dream. A dream can be short or detailed, but we the dreamer take part of the running around in it.

On the other hand, a vision just pops in front of our eyes and we are just observers with absolutely no interaction. For example, if there are people or animals present in the vision, they are not aware of us observing them while mythical creatures and otherworldly beings may acknowledge our presence.

A vision may also display an event with nobody around to be seen in the case of disasters, like a tornado, a volcano erupting, fires, a flooding, a hurricane or other catastrophe.

Visions to us are fascinating because they often take us to the near or far future of a specific event, either in our own country, abroad or even in another realm. Visions display beings or things invisible in the real world. In a split of a second, a scene passes right in front of our eyes, while we are awake with our eyes open or closed, or while we doze off for a minute.