How the universe helps


Many years ago, while going through some rough times, loss of job and husband along with death of son, Isabel had an enlightening dream which heralded some uplifting changes in her life.

She is driving her car home and she arrives at her subdivision when she sees the street full of Muslim men and women. They seem to be having some type of street gathering. She questions herself whether she was in the right place or not, but sure enough, she was. She drove through and parked in her driveway.

Then, this tall and slim Muslim man approaches her before she has a chance to enter her house. He asks her if the house is hers and she tells him yes. He then points to her stone wall fence and says it has some torn down parts on both sides of the fence. He offers to fix it all for her if she allows it. She accepts greatly his offer.

He proceeds to repair all the broken parts and replaces the missing stones. She could not believe her eyes so she asks him who he is and how she could repay him. His answer was “‘My name is Ali the fourth caliph.” She was puzzled so she responds “Are there still caliphs?” He smiles and says he is pleased to be of help and then he walks back toward the Muslim crowd.

Isabel stood there, entranced. Such presence this man exuded! Such downplayed power he displayed! And then, she woke up, thankful for the help, although she had no idea who this Ali was. Help comes to us in the most unexpected ways, but we also have to discern the pros and cons of such help. Her job was to research this Ali and figure out if it was a legit dream. And she learned who he was.

Isabel remained uplifted for days, rethinking about the experience. Her life slowly got better. Her sadness was going away and she was making more progress in both the physical and the mystical world.

Help comes to us when we least expect it. The key is to acknowledge it, discern its veracity and be thankful.