Choosing and storing your salts


Choosing the most effective salts for foot soaks is of great importance. But how can you determine what works and what doesn’t? The best technique to use is to sample different ones and see what kind of response your body exhibits. If during the soak you feel pinpricks, itching, sudden pain, coughing or other symptoms, it is a sign that the salt is doing its work.

Some people may not feel or sense anything but that does not mean the salt is not working. We recommend while chanting during the soak, to really focus on the inner aspect of your body, your organs or your bodi systems in other words. It is like you are meditating and connecting with your inner self.

On another note, my colleagues and I have found out that rock salts are much more efficient than sea salts. They tend to be harder to find and are more expensive. If you are able to use them, your results will be stupendous. If not, we recommend Mediterranean sea salt. Remember to use only non-iodized salt.

We have also tried different brands of Himalayan salts but although great, we were not as impressed with the outcome as we were with the rock salts.

Storing the salt container in the right place is what keeps the salt potency strong. We have found that leaving the container on a shelf close to the ground in one’s house, diminishes the effect of the salt to almost insignificant results. The reason behind this theory is that the salts are being contaminated.

The best thing to do is not only to keep the container tightly closed inside a bag but also to place it on a top shelf. So far, we have noticed that a lot of astral bugs roam at the level of the feet to the waist. Some others float on a higher level but they seem to be in lesser quantity than the bottom ones.

In conclusion, a most effective foot soak depends on the kind of salt being used and the potency of the salt.