Kick eczema out


Eczema is a group of diseases which results in inflammation of the skin, itchiness, redness, blisters, rash and/or skin discoloration. For those of us who have been battling for years with this disease, we know the frustration we get whenever a flare-up occurs adding to what is already there.

For many years I assumed that “my” eczema was due to the multiple “allergies” I had. Little by little I eliminated from my diet certain foods such as nuts especially peanuts and almonds, seeds, certain vegetables, milk products and so on. Yet, the problem continued.

My greatest irritation occurred in 2014 when I saw the skin discoloration that was spreading on my hands, feet, legs, abdomen and then my face. That is when I became determined to kick eczema out once and for all. My saving grace was a website that another psychic found, correlating eczema to negative astral activity, which meant I was super infested.

It took me a year and a couple of months of continued cleansing to see complete removal of discoloration and all the other symptoms of this disease. Today, I eat plenty of peanuts, almonds and everything else I had given up without any consequences.

Here is how to kick eczema out:

⦁ Fiercely, loudly and repeatedly affirm your right to good health, free of physical and astral parasites.

⦁ If on medications, continue taking them until you are completely healed.

⦁ Do foot soaks minimum twice a day. (three to four times if possible)

Incense your house minimum four times a day and up to six times if you feel weird energy around you.

⦁ Repeat your own mantra as you work, clean, cook, hike, dance or whatever else you do that keeps you busy.

⦁ Sleep with soothing music that you enjoy because love, joy and happiness are the foes of the dark.

⦁ Maintain the belief that you are conquering and will not falter, even when results are not concrete yet.

Learning to walk away from negativity which includes people, places, situations and so on plays a big role in developing and maintaining a clean physical and astral body.

Ultimately, our health is ours to have and to own. When we are not in the know, entities, be they positive or negative take control of our life and they feel free to manipulate us the way they want.

***One note of caution to people with allergies. Know your body and what may lead you to possible anaphylactic shock. Avoid that which is a danger to you.