The dangers of Reiki


Many years ago when I learned about reiki, I was enthused about it. I thought it was a great way to help people with their emotional or medical issues. Since I was in the medical field, I viewed reiki as another way to assist people in an unconventional manner.

Today I think differently. The clair senses such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairolfaction have led me to understand that in doing reiki the healer’s body as well as the client’s body may be left open to marauders or astral invaders.

In my opinion, reiki generates transference. That which is being removed from the ailing person searches for the closest host which happens to be the healer. And bingo, the new host is now the carrier.

On the other hand, if the healer is infested, he himself is transferring his parasites to the patient he is trying to heal.

Reiki healers might respond to such a concept that they do not feel sick or that they do not have any illness per say. To that, I could respond that ills do not exhibit themselves immediately. It takes time for astral parasites to chew away at our defenses once they embed themselves in our body. They immerse themselves in our organs, they chip away at our immune system and they deposit their venom or toxin in our cells.

In the past when I did not know any of this, I could not analyze the various areas of internal soreness I had. Today, I can pinpoint the very first moment of intrusion, the entry point through a bite, slithering, fluttering, tunneling or chewing away and so on. And then, days later, I can feel the after-effect of the invasion such as lingering soreness, malaise or pain.

Our astral body may be fairly clean but the contact with an infested person will cause us to become infested, unless we have our own ways of blocking their entry. In my case, in the past I thought through my prayers I was well-protected. And then, I developed clairsentience. It was a wake-up call.

Every part of our body is a target but we each have our own entry points where astral parasites find easy access. Dreams of our house represents our body. So when we get a dream where we see ants, spiders, bugs or reptiles crawling in our house, we should already know that it can represent both our physical house and our astral house or etheric body. We need to realize that we are about to be invaded.

Most of the time, we are not warned that it is going to take place because it is an everyday occurrence. We are their food, so to speak.

Today I can say that reiki may be beneficial to the patient but detrimental to the healer or vice versa.