From subjugation to violence


In this world of ours, there are all types of individuals. There are the ones who are loving, understanding and kind. There are also the adventurous, the flirtatious, the domineering, the greedy, the forceful or the soft-hearted. And then, there are the haters.

People of all walks of life can be haters, no matter the race, color, nationality or creed. They spend their life hating a particular race, a religious group, the handicapped, the poor, their own parents, the prostitutes, the gays or whatever else is embedded in their psyche. We often work with such people and don’t even know that such hatred is buried deep inside because they have learned to cover their tracks very well.

Hate is very different from getting frustrated or mad at a situation, a person or a group of people. For those instances, we either walk away from the scene and not make it our problem or we use confrontation to resolve them and then move on. But hate is deeply ensconced and thereby hard to bring to reason.

A psychic and I debated such a topic a while back, and we came to the conclusion after much observation via clairvoyance and clairsentience, that the hidden culprit is what actually had invaded the person’s etheric body and became a part of him or her.

There are all types of astral entities, spirits, ghosts, parasites, vampires or demons who are continuously foraging for hosts in order to carry out their agenda. As human beings we all have ports of entry. From babies in the womb to children and then adults, our etheric door is wide open for invasion. Most of us are not privy to what enters into us.

Thus, when our hate boileth over and we act out by beating, raping, killing, enslaving, selling or torturing people, we are actually furthering the scheme of our astral masters, unbeknown to us. Mind you, the mass murderers, the invaders, the serial killers, the dictators, the assassins and so on, all fall under the same concept of subjugation.

The most important players in our life are our parents. They are our initial protectors. From conception to delivery, we get bombarded by both physical and astral stimuli. The environment they live in, the family members, friends, acquaintances and strangers, the places they go to or the animals around them, are all carriers, be they in good or in bad.

Therefore at the onset, our parents or guardians, through their strong energy of love, light, ethics, power or faith are the ones who act as barriers against such invasions. And even more important, when our parents are knowledgeable of both physical and astral impact on the body, they are often able to encircle and envelop us with their essence and energy.

As we grow older, and our parents are still around, we continue to progress through their support and protection, but temptation toward the negative is around us at every turn in order to lead us to chaos. And there lies the problem!

In the end, who or what we are, is a reflection of what we receive both physically and etherically from birth to death, be it light or dark. On a positive note, it is still up to us to fight for our Light “one random act of kindness” at a time, be it to ourselves or to others.