10 Benefits of clair senses


There are different psychic abilities under the name clair senses. The ones I am the most familiar with, meaning being able to use either at random or at will, are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairolfaction and channeling.

At first, I deplored and hated these abilities because I could not understand what they were and how to control them. As the years went by and I spent time researching them while they were getting stronger, I got to appreciate these special gifts granted to me.

Although there are many more benefits to having the clairs, I will focus on 10.

1. You determine the astral cleanliness of a stranger, a lover, a family member or a co-co-worker. You now know whether you are willing to continue hanging out with such individuals or not. Mind you, when you have to face their parasites each time you are with them, you learn quickly that it may not be worth the effort unless strictly necessary. In the case of loved ones, you know that you will encourage them to clean themselves.

2. You discern whether the entities you are communicating with are the light or the dark, via either seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, sensing, or feeling them.

3. You question the validity of information passed on to you. Is it true? Is it real? Is it necessary?

4. You stand your ground and refuse to accept some so-called far-fetched mission that you are supposedly on earth for.

5. You recognize that astral offers of great fortunes, valuable gems or jewelry and all other exceptional things may and probably are simple scams or schemes to defraud you of your energy or essence.

6. You state loud and clear that you do not negotiate the Light and therefore will not do the biddings of the Dark, no matter the personal gains. Believe it or not, offers can come a-plenty.

7. You acknowledge the real truth from someone’s speech. Behind a fantastic tale, when a clair or clairs are present, a clearer picture emanates of what deep down the person is conveying.

8. You understand more and more, general or universal concepts that years before were simply mystifying.

9. You let go of fear and commune with Light Beings, seeing the world through their eyes and accepting their wisdom.

10. You become aware, informed and knowing. Doors to the physical, astral and universal realms are now open and you are the recipient of that which you are ready, willing and able to acquire.