star-2642382_1280How can one define a galaxy? How can one explain the amazement deriving from watching in a vision a sudden burst of energy right in front of one’s eyes?

And so it was. In 2016 while taking a small nap in the evening, as clearly and as vividly as could be, I watched multiple lights forming right in front of my eyes. I observed the swirling of the lights. I paid close attention to the hugeness of the tapestry in a dark sky. There were small lights, medium ones and big ones. In between the lights were dark spaces, clouds, areas of light and of darkness but also a continuing expansion of the scene, as if it was getting bigger and bigger.

And then, I heard: “The birth of a galaxy.” I woke up with glowing eyes.

***There are no words to describe such a vision. I accepted it as a precious gift in response to my fascination with the sky.