startrails-918551_1280In 2007, my dissertation called for more precise examples related to better health. I had no idea what to write until a voice whispered “Quantum Physics.” I went searching and bought multiple books. I was hooked.

Quantum Physics sent me on the path of making my mind the main activator, the creator of all things possible. I spent time learning, meditating, focusing, practicing. Thus, with discipline and patience, slowly I started seeing results. One by one, I observed the outcome of cause and effect.

And so it was on a sunny day I stood outside staring at a clear blue sky. I watched a small spider web on the tree branch next to me and a thought crept into my mind. What if I could reproduce the web into the sky in a much larger format?

After a few minutes of concentration, a spider web started to slowly emerge in the sky. I watched it grow into a large web. It all seemed surreal because it gave me the impression that I was looking at a spiral in the sky, but then it could also be a portal, a wormhole or a gateway to another place.

***In the end, the question would be what importance do such manifestations hold in the scheme of things. Quite a legit question! The only answer I can offer is that training the mind to focus and to manifest is a great process that can lead one to develop other abilities.

We may end up being able to help for example a stranded individual on the road. Such a thing happened to me at a rest area when a young man in his early 20’s approached me asking if I had a battery jumper cable. I told him no but that he could go and ask some of the truck drivers. His answer was that he had done so and they all had said they did not have any. I watched him go again and ask other people and truck drivers with no result.

After a while as I was walking to the restrooms, I saw two young ladies in the car. One was seated on the back seat rocking a baby. They both smiled at me. The fellow standing against the car said they were right next to their home state when the car broke down here at the rest stop. They seemed to be panicking. I put my mind into action while in the restrooms and telepathically told him to try the car again. As I came out, I watched them driving off and waving to me with a big smile on all three faces.