adult-1868652_1280Solitary walks in a safe environment can bring some interesting effects. It so happened that I had read a quantum physics book prior to going out and my mind was debating on the wave concept. That’s all I kept thinking about. Lo and behold, as it started getting dark and the lamp posts lit up, suddenly out of nowhere, waves starting forming on the paved trail. And as I kept walking, more and more waves displayed themselves. I was in awe and that emboldened me.

Thus, the next night, a crazy thought came to my head when I saw my shadow on the trail and I acted it out. I told my shadow to multiply itself. Sure enough, I started seeing two shadows and then four and then six. I told the shadow that it could do better. As if by magic, shadows were emerging in front of me, behind me, on my left and right side. Some materialized in front of me and then walked right by me. Some doubled with each other. Some walked away from me. I counted twelve shadows and they continued to multiply until I said “Enough.”

***This experience proved to me that the mind is a powerful tool in the manifestation of one’s command, and yet, up to a certain point. Manipulating one’s thought can be accomplished either at random or at will but, I always leave a margin of  error due to the invisible forces at play, either for our own good power or our detriment.