Illnesses and astral activity


I have come to the conclusion that most illnesses are caused by astral pests, whether emitted by ghosts and entities or even as a natural part of our physical environment.

Since I have become clairsentient and clairvoyant, meaning feeling and seeing the astral world both in good and in bad, I have paid a closer attention to people I come in contact with. When they list their minor ills or illnesses, I know that I had already felt their astral. Most of the time, I can determine who walks clean and who is mildly or abominably infested. Sometimes it takes a few encounters to be completely certain because these invisible pests induce different sensations, be they bites, flutters, droplets, itch, pain, jabs, wormy or slithering feel etc…

Here are some experiences of others and of myself:

  • Recently at a gathering, I was standing in the kitchen fixing my dinner plate and a woman came right next to me to talk. A sudden sharp pain in my gallbladder jolted me unexpectedly. It took me three weeks to expunge this negative energy out of me, through incensing and multiple foot soaks.
  • In a vision, I saw multiple bugs milling in mid-air. I popped out of it, knowing something negative was about to take place whether to me or to someone close to me. A couple of days later, I developed pain in the upper side of my mouth. It felt like my teeth were going to fall off. I knew it was time to up my game with mouth and foot soaks as well as incense. Problem got solved eventually.
  • One day I dreamed of black snakes surrounding a friend of mine. Later that day, I got a phone call that my friend was hospitalized due to a stroke.
  • A woman I met last year gave off quite a bit of negative astral activity each time she approached me. And, then on the fourth encounter she shared with me that she had been raped several times as a kid and since then she is being badgered by the ghost of two people who had been killed, one in a battle and the other one was murdered in her home. She told me that she is on disability due to multiple illnesses.

***First thing, I have to say is that one should not impose one’s will on somebody else. Why attempt to force someone to believe one’s theory? Who says one is right in formulating such concept that cannot be validated? My family members and friends smile when I mention these thoughts and keep about their own life. There is nothing wrong with them choosing their own course of life.

May I add that I do not advise healing others of their ills because we end up absorbing their astral pests as ours. New home, new food source! People must be willing to take care of their own selves.

In the end, the goal is not to necessarily live a long life but rather to live a clean healthy life, free of bugs and infestation and to be able to function adequately and independently of equipments, tubes and multiple medications and surgeries.