Being Clairsentient

fantasy-2424681_1920Clairsentience became a fixed part of me in 2013. I had no idea at that time what I was facing, therefore I could not correlate my symptoms to the astral arena.

Since everything was invisible, explaining exactly what was happening to me was difficult. I was feeling droplets on my face and in my eyes. I also was feeling bites in my legs, followed by a warming period over my lower legs especially in the evening and at night. As a remedy, I ended up taking a lampshade, dressed it as a hat and dropped a cloth over it in order for me to be able to read my books and work online. For my legs, I kept using cold water and icy cloths on them.

This problem continued well into the end of 2014. I no longer talked about it because family and friends assumed I was dealing with mosquitoes or no-see-ums since I lived in a warm environment. In January 2015, I moved to the far north in a super cold state but the problem remained the same. So I knew that the climate had nothing to do with my symptoms.

2017 was the peak of the problem. I now could feel people, land and plant as if they were broadcasting their messages loud and clear. In April and May, the invisible bites became more vicious and painful. I went on a cleaning period by dumping all unnecessary items. Nothing changed. It was time to travel to other places to figure this out.

I blocked everyone, except my daughter so the process could be limited. A six-month period of traveling finally brought understanding. We went to Utah, Nebraska, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi,  Alabama and Florida. It dawned on me that I actually was feeling people’s astral body as well as that of the environment. I then understood the impact it had on my body.

Here are some examples:

  • As I was enjoying a coastal area on a peaceful weekday, two gulls came to my left side and remained there for a little while. Within a couple of minutes I felt bites in my left leg and toes.
  • As I was reaching for a bag of potatoes in a supermarket, I got a severe bite in my second finger. I quickly pulled my hand away. I bent down and peered at the bag and the culprit was a rotten potato in that bag.
  • While walking to a store, this man passed on my left side and I got such a sharp bite on my left knee that I buckled down.
  • While camping in a forest, night time was a frightening experience for, not only were human, animal and plant spirits floating around, but bites were also a permanent fixture.
  • In a campground, I felt bites and things floating around every night and then learned this was the site of battles and also a family cemetery in less than a mile from us.
  • I grabbed a mushroom to slice it for a stew and got a bite from it and yet the other mushrooms from the same container were okay.
  • On the way to a coastal area, while driving on the expressway, I started feeling bites all over my legs, both lower and upper as well as a sense of doom. As I approached a cornfield on my right side the feeling got more intense. And then I saw a big black cloud descending over the cornfield and covering it. I continued driving and the sensations went away after I passed the area.
  • As I walked in a park, I kept passing people on and on and nothing happened. And then, these two teenage boys on their bike were approaching and the bites came until they passed me and continued on.
  • Another way I assessed the clairsentient sensations is when I watched videos. Some within a few seconds cause bites while some others do not.

***Countless stories regarding countless causes reflect this one aspect of clairsentience. In all, I have learned that an area that has a lot of astral activity more than likely carries what I call astral bugs, which are invisible except to those with clairvoyance. The as above, so below and as below, so above theory depicts the concept very well because a house (person, animal, land, place) infested physically is more likely to be infested astrally and vice versa.

So, for my own safety, I practice as much as I can, avoidance of people, places or things who or which carry strong negative energy. This has helped me maintain a healthier body and mind. In a need to help those around me, I also use my clairsentience to assist them (those who have displayed receptivity) in understanding these inexplicable theories and occurrences. In the end, it is up to each person to formulate his or her own standard of care.