Non-Locality communication

fractal-1280082_1920Non-locality… Most people who have not done channeling, have not read about channeling or have not seen someone who has done channeling, have a hard time understanding non-locality; therefore it is not physical to them and therefore, it is discarded as not valid.

How do you explain non-locality to a scientist whose mind is strictly data, book, experiments and solutions? A scientist has a hard time accepting this concept because he cannot understand it. He cannot visualize it. He cannot add or subtract it. He cannot utilize it in any experiment. So he is the first to decry non-locality.

Non-locality is open to all those who are open to the above. All those without fear of punishment from God, or of reprisals, all those who want to learn, all those who want wisdom, have a way of allowing themselves to be buds that open up one day without great fanfare.

Non-locality allows you to communicate with the inner world, the beyond world, the spirit world, the astral world without you seeing anyone, visualizing anyone, or hearing anyone. Non-locality is exactly what the word says. It is not local, meaning it cannot be seen, heard, touched or physically sampled.

Non-locality allows you to connect with those in the worlds beyond, anytime you choose, at your leisure. Non-locality is another avenue for knowledge. It allows you to get answers from questions that you had which a book cannot answer. It supplies you with information that the internet cannot give you. It provides you clues to questions you had in your mind that no one could answer.