Nonlocality Communication


How can a steadfast person or a scientist whose mind is strictly data, books, experiments and solutions even consider the possibility that nonlocality communication could be real? They have a hard time accepting this concept because they cannot comprehend it. They cannot see or visualize it. They cannot add or subtract it. They cannot utilize it in any experiment.

Yet, the scientists who took and continue to take the quantum path have a stake in their own theory, since they were the ones who came up with that term. They arrive at particular conclusions through their own methods.

Psychics on the other hand validate nonlocality through the lenses of the clairs, such as the ability to hear, see or feel among several others. The practice of channeling is a clear-cut utilization of the stated theory. Most people who have not done it, have not read about it or have not seen someone do it in their presence, have a hard time accepting it as true. Since it is not physical, it is therefore discarded as not valid.

Nonlocality is available to all those whose lenses are open to the Above, to all those without fear of punishment from God or of reprisals, and to all those who want to obtain cosmic knowledge… They may utilize their skills for hours without interruption, if it suits them.

Nonlocality during channeling sessions allows one to communicate with the inner world, the beyond world, the spirit world, the astral world or the mental realm without seeing, visualizing, or hearing anyone via the physical senses. Nonlocality is exactly what the word says: it is not local, meaning it cannot be seen, heard, touched or sampled in one’s physical vicinity.

Nonlocality allows people to connect with those in the worlds beyond, at their leisure anytime they choose. It allows them to get answers from questions that they have which books cannot answer. It supplies them with information that physical sources cannot provide. Past, present and future events are shared with them, be they truthful or not.

In the end, discernment in using the clairs help make nonlocality communication a treasured accomplishment.