language-2345801_1920Omnilingualism is the ability to understand, speak, write, and read any language without training in it. Users with this gift can communicate in any language – spoken languages, dead languages, sign language, and computer codes.

Many years ago when I was a little girl, I felt I was being pushed toward learning many languages. It was an obsession that I could not control. Every free moment I had was spent listening to songs from different countries such as France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and many others. Back then in catholic schools learning foreign languages was a part of the curriculum. Latin was a must.

I went on to college and majored in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian because my dream was to become an interpreter. It wasn’t to be so because my next major ended up being in the medical field due to unforeseen circumstances.

A few years ago, as my psychic skills were building up, the knowledge of foreign languages became super handy. In dreams, visions and physical encounters, the languages were brought to the forefront. Ancient documents in dreams and visions were being shown to me and I had to read them very fast and be able to understand them.

Some ancient languages of which I had absolutely no knowledge were also being presented and I had to go search every morning what their meaning could be. Often, I could not comprehend what I had seen. Many times I traveled to places unknown to me and I had to recall what was presented to me. One such travel was to Sumer in the days of Ashurbanipal whom I saw walking while his library was being built. He carried in his hand the bucket seen in the stele. He saw me and bowed his head in acknowledgement. Then, someone handed me a tablet in a language I did not know and then a voice said “Akkadian.” Needless to say, I went searching the next morning for that word and bought a book about the Akkadian language.

***The importance of learning languages I was told cannot be stressed enough. Omnilingualism is one of the tools that brings diversity and acceptance of that which may seem unreal or far fetched. It allows us to open our mind to that which we do not understand or that we cannot fathom. Our present reality is a microcosm of the real deal. I was told that omnilingualism is a great tool in the understanding of the universe.