people-2564420_1920In December 2007, as I was reading Entangled Minds by Dean Radin, I had a sudden sharp pain on the right side of my face (neck/ear/temporal area). I paused to think about it and made the decision to ask who was contacting me and the reason why.

Here is the conversation word for word:

AP: Who are you?

TB: Theorem Bell.

AP: What? I say who are you?

TB: I told you I am Theorem Bell.

AP: Why do you use Theorem?

TB: So that you know that you are talking to the right Bell, the physicist.

AP: What do you have to say to me?

TB: I want to say first of all that it is incredible that I am able to prove my theory in you. For years I had been saying that my idea of non-locality is true but I had yet to find someone in the non-professional field to transcribe my theory. I am glad I found you today.

TB: It comes as a surprise to me to tail you and to encounter you by chance. Your thought must have called on me or vice versa. I have been looking for a while to transmit this information. I am glad finally it is possible. First of all, I am quite surprised to see a non-physicist reading such material. It is incredible that you could have been interested in a topic that is so controversial. Quantum Physics is not yet accepted by all physicists. As a matter of fact, many such scientists despise the notion that paranormal experiences could fall under physics. They are so full of it. But anyway, that is not why I am with you today.

TB: Let me first say that what you think you know is nothing compared to what I see in the world that I am in. It is amazing that humans feel they are so knowledgeable. My God, there are zillion of things that are incomprehensible to the regular mind. Spirits if you want to call them that way are so advanced that I do not know where to start.

TB: A thought is faster than light itself. The speed of light is determined by the waves created in the universe. Well, a thought goes on the same path, a pattern of waves that are communicated from mind to body and body to mind in less than a second. I am using easy terms so you can follow what I am talking about.

TB: What I could not understand on earth, I am able to understand now. The universe is such a grand plane that one does not have enough intelligence to capture all that it comprises.

TB: Let’s talk about non-locality which is my forte. When I was on earth, I brushed on it because I had no real proof that my theorem could be true. That is why it was so
debatable. Now I can see I was right all along.

TB: I need you to pass on a message to my friend Peter Onisquius. He will know it is me when you say to him that Bell said “Hey Pecker, what the heck is this about? It is Bell and his crap again.” Once you say that, he will know that you’ve spoken to me so he can accept that even though he himself could not prove it, the theorem of non-locality is true.

TB: We do not have to hold hands to be connected. We do not have to physically talk to each other for it to be a reality. You are communicating with me, yet you can’t see me. You can’t say you hear me. You can’t say you visualize me. None of that is true and yet here we are talking to each other. We have crossed borders that scientists would want to deny. Anyway, it is nice talking to you.

AP: Are you friend or foe?

TB: I would not be talking to you like that if I were foe.

AP: What could you tell me to help me progress in this world of Alice in Wonderland?

TB: I would say keep on chucking. The sky is the limit if you keep an open mind. Those that continuously refute what’s not visible or what cannot be measured are simply fools. They will die never knowing real truths or real realities. I pity them because the Universe is open to all willing to absorb some of its knowledge.

***Was it really John Stewart Bell? I have no way of validating it but I accepted the theory of non-locality because indeed I was communicating with him without barrier to time, distance, location or anything else. Thus, I learned the lesson and then I moved on.