52 Ways to live a spiritual and positive life


1. Experience life through intuition.

2. Discern. There is a lot of deceit in the world.

3. Understand that enlightenment is already within you.

4. When you are lost, seek the teacher within yourself.

5. Develop habits that support spiritual living.

6. Learn to live a part of your day in silence, contemplation and meditation.

7. Attend classes, watch movies, listen to music that are spiritually related.

8. See the beauty in all.

9. Look for inspiration.

10. Find meaning in life.

11. Search for your purpose.

12. Have a vision.

13. Question yourself.

14. Be flexible.

15. Believe in the power and possibility of transformation.

16. Understand the choices you make.

17. Speak words that benefit you and others.

18. Pay attention to what you listen to.

19. Learn to do what you love.

20. Be thankful.

21. Accept that you do not and cannot know everything.

22. Understand and accept relativity.

23. Feel love.

24. Free yourself.

25. Know you are never alone.

26. Cleanse yourself continuously.

27. Forgive.

28. Understand that other people have the same right to freedom than you do.

29. Learn to give.

30. Allow yourself to receive.

31. Learn to be in the present.

32. Honor and respect yourself.

33. Honor and respect the sacredness of all life.

34. Learn self-control.

35. Pause to listen.

36. Be kind.

37. Have faith in goodness.

38. Nurture yourself.

39. Nurture your relationships.

40. Search.

41. Believe in unity.

42. Use your imagination to create a world.

43. Learn enthusiasm.

44. See how the world is changing.

45. Accept growth.

46. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

47. Accept joy in your life.

48. Accept imperfections.

49. Know when to let go.

50. Understand that sitting still is just as important as pushing forward.

51. Intend. Affirm.

52. Know you can live a spiritual life.