What is wisdom


Wisdom by itself is nonexistent. Wisdom is always combined with knowledge and experience. In order to become wise you must experience knowledge. Wisdom comes to you when you have seen something, you have done something, you have learned something and you have understood all the ramifications of that something.

So, going back to wisdom, each aspect of life that you have sampled well, enjoyed well and understood well, you develop the ability to be wise about. It goes exactly like that for every experience, be it minute or grand.

Wisdom is embedded in each and every one of us. It is a safeguard against darkness. It is a safety net that is in us to prevent us from doing acts that are not so recommendable or commendable.

Wisdom helps us to contain light. Wisdom is our bucket for greatness. Those that acquire wisdom on many aspects in life are viewed as great beings. So, wisdom is a process that must be worked on every minute of one’s life, on every aspect of life.

As we eat a mango and we appreciate the fruit for its succor, its nutrients, its shape, its smell, we become aware of its value to us and we learn to appreciate it and therefore we act in a just manner toward it. Of course, “just” being a relative term, we each view it differently, but on a common thread, we will not destroy the mango without due reason.

We recommend that you always judge a particular topic on the basis of three reasons why you must keep or let go of an item, a concept, an idea and so forth. That is to say, you should consider three good things an item or idea does for you and three bad things that it brings to you. Outweigh the good against the bad and then make your decision to keep or to let go. That is what wisdom is all about: acquired knowledge through experience and therefore the ability to make a judgment. To judge without experienced knowledge is to do yourself and your fellow beings a disfavor.

Always let the good take over the bad in a spiritual or mystical way.

Wisdom is by far the most important aspect of one’s life because wisdom makes you either great or not so great. Wisdom helps you decipher the truth. Wisdom removes veils that have been placed on you for your own safety.

So again, to gain wisdom, you must acquire knowledge and to acquire real and truthful knowledge, you must experience it. So, books are great. Scientists are great. They all serve their purpose but ultimately you and only you can be the final judge of your own action.

Every topic has its good and its bad. Always the dichotomy, always the duality: good and bad, hot and cold, left and right, up and down. But who is the best judge of the duality? It is you on a personal level. Do not allow others to make up your mind for you. You must know what is good and what is bad in order to make a decision.

This whole concept takes us back to light and dark. If you do not know what dark is, how can you understand light? If you do not deal with poverty, how can you understand the poor and downtrodden? If you do not get sick, how can you feel the pain of the sick? If you do not deal with rape victims, how can you understand what a rape victim goes through?

You must face it, deal with it, experience it or acknowledge it in order to truthfully say to yourself that your judgment is not made out of doubts and fears but rather by experienced facts.

You are the facts. You are the data. You are the true bearer of light when you have experienced, embraced and acknowledged it all.