What is high-frequency living

couple-1030744_1920High-frequency living is living the way we humans were intended to live. It’s not about re-creating the past or going to church every day. Instead, it’s about living the purest you can live – pure in mind, heart, and body. It’s about doing as little harm to yourself, your environment, animals, and others as possible. It’s about filling earth with more light than dark, more love than hate, more joy than sadness, more peace than chaos. It’s about leaving behind footprints of the highest vibrations.

High-frequency living is more than just praying and eating healthy. It also encompasses:

⦁ thinking positively
⦁ treating others kindly
⦁ consuming responsibly
⦁ filling your mind with healthy images, words, and sounds
⦁ living in a home and environment that help increase and maintain your high frequency
⦁ surrounding yourself with loved ones and friends that help increase and maintain your high frequency
⦁ practicing activities that increase your frequency and that heal you and your environment (your home, food, land, animals, relations, profession, city and country)

We, humans, are born on earth with much responsibility. We are not here to just experience a physical and tactile life or to learn through suffering. We are also here to learn how to become earthkeepers. Whether through ignorance, incapability or unwillingness, the majority of us have failed ourselves, each other and the earth in this great responsibility.

Fortunately, our world has been evolving to higher dimensions. For the last three to four decades, high levels of frequencies have been pumped into earth and its many dimensions. This influx of new energy has helped us evolve quickly. So many progressive ideas, discoveries and new technologies have flooded Society that many have had a difficult time keeping up. For many, especially those older than 50 years old, it feels like time, technological advancement, and new societal rules are progressing faster than their ability to learn and adapt.

On the spiritual and mystical side, the last two decades have also seen an increase in children born with tremendous psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Many adults who were not born psychically gifted and spiritually aware have also been helped by this influx. They are finding it increasingly easier to spiritually ascend and develop their psychic gifts. So, everyone has been and still continues to be affected by this new influx of high-frequency energy.

As more people strengthen their connection to the Creator, Mother Earth and their higher-self, increase their awareness of their inner truth, and discover their life purpose and their earth responsibilities, the more the earth’s vibration increases and the more they gather others to rise behind them. It is a continuous circle of rising spiritual bodies, becoming more and more luminous by the day.

Now, we are at a point of our evolutionary journey – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and professionally – that we can do more than entertain the thought of high-frequency living. We can now actually live it.

The number of communities around the world created with the purpose of following a higher vibration lifestyle grows each year.


The downside to quick evolutions is the lack of preparedness. Our mental capacities are advancing faster than our spirituality and emotional maturity. We live in a predominantly mental society. And so it is to be expected that these new energies would first be seen and felt in our mental sector. We are developing new technologies and making great scientific strides quicker than we are developing our spiritual awareness and earthly connection. So, despite the higher frequency energy being pumped into earth, our human dimension spirals every day more out of control.

There is no need to lose your mind over this occurrence. The Creator knows what It is doing. This was in the planning. It was expected for us to fall and it is expected for us to pick ourselves up again and become even greater human beings. It is not the first time. And it won’t be the last. Sometimes, destruction is needed to bring about more efficient creations.

Our old way of thinking and living is slowly engulfing itself. Our waters are becoming increasingly polluted. More sea animals are washing ashore with tumors and sores or worse, dead. More landfills are being filled to capacity. Farm land is increasingly being covered with concrete – roads, buildings, houses – diminishing our ability to feed our people. Prices for necessities like food, medicine and housing have sky-rocketed, increasing the number of people left to homelessness, illness, starvation and preventable death.

Equally as harmful is the amount of negative energies we are creating in the astral dimension through our negative thoughts and actions. Our astral dimension, the dimension directly next to our physical dimension where ghosts and parts of our auras reside, has become infested with negative energies.

Many of these energies have turned into astral parasites, preying on humans. They feed on humans while negatively influencing their thoughts. Many of them feed off of low-frequency energy. So, they create suffering in their hosts in order to produce more food. Many of our current lifestyle practices give them an easy way to exploit us.

The situation seems dire. And it is. But it is not the end of the world. It is actually the beginning. And we can help quicken the formation of this new world by living a higher-frequency life. We can help counterattack the negative effects by creating more and brighter light energy to awaken more people, even those stubbornly holding on to old ways of thinking and acting. We each hold power in our minds and bodies to bring change to the world by transforming ourselves.


Like vegetarianism and minimalism, the high-frequency lifestyle is a choice one has to consciously make. You cannot live it if it is not your intention. You may call it by another name, find it through a religion or a parent’s guidance, but it still remains a conscious choice. It is a way of thinking and behaving. It is a way of seeing the world before you that goes against current views. It is an understanding that comes from deep inner reflection.

High-frequency living is a lifestyle that requires you to see life through the lens of the Creator and Mother Earth. And it is a lifestyle that pushes you act according to your new sight. It doesn’t want you to sit in the sideline, only philosophically living the rhetoric. This lifestyle wants more. It wants you to act, to be, to live with full intention.

So, although this lifestyle is for everyone, it is really for all who have the maturity, courage, ability and willingness to learn and practice it. Religion, age, gender, political affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic level do not matter. You don’t have to be a proficient reader or someone who attends church every week. As we have seen in history, education and religious devotion does not equate righteousness or ethics.

It is neither too early nor too late to begin practicing this way of living. And you will never be too young or too old to start. Parents can begin teaching their child this path from gestation by simply being a shining example throughout their pregnancy. And as their child develops cognitive skills, they can begin adding simple messages and discussions to their teachings. There is no better teacher than one who lives by the guidelines of her teachings. There is no better example than one who is it.

Transformation should never be abrupt, especially for the elderly, disabled, or those who continuously resist change. Transformation should also not push you beyond practical, survival boundaries. If buying organic would bankrupt you, do not do it. Find another way, like planting your own organic garden or shifting your funds, or not doing it at all.

Some transformations take time. How quick you are able to able to adopt a high-frequency lifestyle depends on so many factors like your spiritual background, eating habits, extracurricular activities, psychic experiences, finances, location, religious affiliation, relationships, and profession. The high-frequency lifestyle encompasses many smaller movements like simplicity, homesteading, slow living, new-age movement, earth movement, and sustainability. And guidance was taken from many religions from paganism to Essene teachings to Hinduism. So, this lifestyle broadly covers everything from beliefs to entertainment to relationships. Completing this transformation will take years if you are not already practicing some form of it.

We, at the Foundation, have yet to make the complete transformation. And it is okay. Our current environment doesn’t readily support a full high-frequency lifestyle. The Creator understands this. IT is not looking for perfection. Instead, IT is looking for effort. IT knows the strength of our opposition. And IT knows what each one of us is capable of, at every moment of our life.

Some years are wonderful – full of excitement, joy, hope, prosperity, and peace. And some years feel like the world is against us. Everyone on this path must understand these fluctuations and try to move smoothly through and with them. If doing certain high-frequency exercises starts to cause you suffering, then you must be willing to give them up or tweak them to eliminate the suffering. Otherwise, you may begin to produce low-frequency energy and that opposes the goal of this lifestyle and negates all the hard work you have done so far.

This lifestyle requires people to be aware of their inner and outer selves – their emotions, habits, weaknesses, strengths, superficiality, appearances and desires. So, whoever takes this path must be willing and able to be honest with themselves.

High-frequency living is one of the healthiest lifestyles you can practice. There are no fees. The only cost you will encounter are basic living costs like food, housing, and extracurricular activities. Depending on your current lifestyle, your costs may increase because of the changes you might want to create in your life for example buying more organic produce. But for some, your costs may actually decrease. It’s amazing how much money can be saved by eliminating a low-frequency habit like habitual smoking.