First step to high-frequency living

nature-3109377_1280The first step to living a high-frequency life is centered in the mind. Your mind is the key to your change. It is there where the thoughts and ideas you need to guide you, reside. It is there where you will find the power to make this life-altering change. For thoughts are power.

Let’s first talk about life… Your daily life is the combination of your current set of habits. And your current set of habits are based on your current habitual thought processes. These thought processes do change as you gain new information and new influences coming from different sources like new friends, a new country, or partners going through their own transformation. Think of the moment you decided to change from a young adult focused on having fun to an adult focused on working hard to provide financial stability for yourself and your family.

We are transforming ourselves all the time. The minute we focus on a new goal, we are transforming our thought processes and then consequently, our habits. Again, each time we transform, we are changing our thoughts and thus our habits.

Anyone who has tried to spontaneously change knows that transformation can be difficult. It can be as fleeting as a New Year’s Eve resolution to exercise more, especially when your goal is very different from your current habit. However, you must always remember that transformation comes in many forms and in many percentages. You do not have to transform 100 percent into a new you. You can transform 30 percent and still see and feel a change.

For example, if you spent a year never exercising and the following year you made a resolution to exercise 5 days a week in order to lose weight. However two months in, you are only exercising 3 days a week, you may feel you did not accomplish your goal. But you did. You may not have accomplished your goal in the format you had imagined, but you did create a change. You are exercising three more days more than you were before. Even if you exercise one day more, you have still created a change for that period of time.

Transformation can be difficult for those who are stuck and comfortable in their habits, as well as those who rarely change. So, for those who find it difficult to change, know that there are several factors that are important for transformation. They are:

⦁ Interest. You need to have a high level of interest. The more comfortable you are with your habit, the higher the level of interest you need. There have been many stories of people making drastic changes in their life after a tragedy. That is because their current status-quo became highly uncomfortable for them after their tragedy, thus forcing them to make that change. Forcing yourself to change when you have a low-level if interest can be detrimental to your change. You will resent the transformation every step of the way. And what could have been a beautiful metamorphosis may turn into something dark and negative. It is not necessary to transform with positive emotions. But it is does make a life a lot happier if you do.

⦁ Willpower. The stronger your will, the easier, the more substantial, and the more lasting your change will be. Willpower is extremely important in transformation. It is the strength behind your thoughts, the back bone of your mind. It is the voice in the back of your head, chanting: “Yes, you can!” Willpower is also important when your transformation goes against the status-quo. It gives you the power to stand firm and strong against the prevailing winds / counter current.

⦁ Open-mindedness. Not all transformations can happen with just a thought. Sometimes, you will find yourself in a circumstance that will not easily fit into the circumstance you are trying to adopt. For example, if you want to learn yoga but cannot afford to attend yoga classes, you will have to find an out-of-the-box way of attaining those yoga classes. You could re-allocate your funds or find cheaper classes at a Meet Up gathering. You could also attend free classes at a park or beach. You may buy tutorial books and videos, or rent a few from your local library. You may go as far as finding free online classes on (even if it means combining several small videos together into an hour long playlist). In circumstances, like these you must always remember there is a way. It may take you time to find it. It may mean you have to give up something else. It may require you to change or drop another habit. But if your interest and willpower is strong enough, a way will be presented to you.

⦁ Being ready. Sometimes you can have the ability change, but you are just not ready for it. For example, you can have a free pass to a gym, but because you are not interested in exercising, you won’t use it no matter how much you should.

⦁ Being able. Some transformations just won’t happen because you are not mentally, physically, emotionally, financially or location ready. Or if they do happen, they have a very short life-span. In cases like these, you have to work outside the box, push harder, and get yourself ready.

In short, true and lasting transformation requires you to be ready, able and willing. You need to ready yourself with strong genuine interest. You need to become able by eliminating all obstacles to your goal or finding creative paths around them. And you need to be willing. You need to have strong enough willpower to change what needs to be changed, eliminate what needs to be eliminated, and walk against the prevailing wind.