underwater-749691_1280In 2010 as I was walking by a large lake at the park I paused for a second. It looked like I had seen an erect body moving inside the water. I said to myself that I was seeing things so I continued walking. The following lap I looked again and I saw what looked like very tall buildings. Now I was intrigued and so I stopped to stare at the lake.

I could not believe that I was seeing a whole area full of tall buildings and people actually walking around, in and out of the buildings. They were impervious of me looking at them.

I continued my walk and each time I passed by, I saw the same buildings. At first, I thought that it had to be the reflection of trees in the water but when I looked up there were no trees close to the lake. Then, I said that they must be clouds in the sky but on clear blue sky days, I continued seeing the same inside the lake.

Day after day, I questioned my vision but it remained the same. Sometimes I saw people and other times no. I then concluded that unless I had become crazy which I doubted, therefore I was indeed seeing something incredible.

***Life is about creation in a sane reality. Mystics create with their determination to see that which others cannot see or create that which others may not be able to reproduce. Each individual’s journey is his or hers to hold in this one lifetime. To be willing to let go of the many constraints imposed on us from the time we are born, be they by family, country, religion, school,  culture, beliefs and others, is one of the greatest step we can achieve.