20 Ways to prepare your home for a high-frequency life


Once you have chosen your home environment, here are some suggestions on how to prepare and maintain your home:

1. Clean your home continuously.

2. Minimize your space.

3. Keep the corners of the inside of your home free of clutter and trash.

4. If possible, eliminate carpets.

5. Hang washable curtains over windows that can be wiped clean or washed continuously.

6. Decorate your home using as much natural fabrics and materials as possible.

7. If you do not re-upholster your furniture, try draping slipcovers over your furniture.

8. If you are religious or spiritual, decorate your home with religious items for protection.

9. Decorate your home with potted plants and flowers.

10. Decorate your home in colors that heal and uplift you.

11. Limit the amount of electronics you have in your bedroom.

12. Pay attention to who you speak with on the phone in your home.

13. Clean your air ducts continuously.

14. Clean your air conditioning filters continuously.

15. Unplug your electronics when you are not using them.

16. Plant protective flowers, herbs and trees around your home.

17. Avoid fighting, arguing, screaming in your home as much as possible.

18. Limit the amount of low-frequency entertainment you view in your home.

19. Laugh often in your home.

20. If possible, avoid hours of crying in despair in your home.