Seeing a ball of Light


On a clear day while seated at the edge of a cabana in Port Mansfield, TX, I saw a huge ball of light coming from the south side of the beach on my right. And out of that ball popped out a giant of a man and he glided down to stand directly across from my daughter and me.

He had in front of his chest some type of equipment that looked like a big movie camera and he seemed to be filming us. He ended the process and disappeared just like he had arrived while on my left had appeared a billboard with the word “Asgard” written on it. And that too fizzled out.

I turned to my daughter and she recounted to me a big ball of light she had just seen coming down from the sky. It was quite fascinating because she had seen the same thing without either of us communicating with each other. Her account of what she saw validated what I myself had seen.

***Life is about experiences whether on a small scale or on a big one, wherever our path leads us. We all tend to recreate what we actually believe to be real. The skeptics are always right because they are recreating their own beliefs. The mystics are just as right because their journey in the upper realm is never over. The quantum physicist sees the world in a different way than the traditional physicist. Should we point fingers at each other? Is it fair to judge the mathematician the same way we judge the linguist? We are all unique in our own way and we should always try to better ourselves to the most of our ability, wherever we fit at that particular moment in time. Every day that we wake up, a change has already taken place unbeknown to us.