Dealing with astral parasites: Tips and tricks


If you have entity attachments like ancestors or those sent to you through black magic, these entities will repeatedly try to come back even after you have exorcised them. If you have low-frequency behaviours or thought processes, you will continue to attract entities of similar frequencies or thoughts. Remember the rule of Law of Attraction… Like attracts like. For this reason, purification treatments should become a daily treatment for the first few months and then a weekly treatment.

If you are suffering from hexes placed on you, illnesses that cannot be explained, a feeling of heaviness in your body that is not related to food, or a feeling of any of your chakras being stuffed, we recommend you start off doing several salt water treatments a day the first week. During the second or third week, you can diminish to a couple of salt water treatments a day. The following month, if you feel better, you can then diminish again to a single treatment a day. You want to make infesting your body as inconvenient as possible for these negative entities.

If you are suffering from a psychic attack, we recommend the same treatment as above. Salt water treatment will probably not end the attack, but it will help mitigate the problems caused by attacks. Not all attacks are the same. But for many, astral critters are used to eat away and destroy the victims auric/etheric shields. This then leaves gaping holes, allowing all sorts of parasites and demonic entities to flood the victim’s body. During this time, soul parts can get lost as well as fortune, health, sanity, peace, and happiness.

For this reason, while you look for answers or for someone to remove the attack, it’s best to keep your body as un-infested as possible. Also, we recommed you repeatedly incense your home with a purifying and exorcist scent. Focus more time on the areas in your home where you remain the longest, like your bed, dining room chair, home office chair, and couch.

If you are having an unusual amount of misfortune or are having horrific nightmares like torture that have nothing to do with what you are doing, thinking or watching throughout the day – quickly start a salt water treatment. Do it for a month or until things clear up. It is possible a strongly negative astral entity has entered you.

If you live in an apartment building with many residents, you should also do more purification treatments. There are no cardboard walls in the astral world. And like ants and roaches, the entities these residents attract will eventually find their way to your home.