Astral body cleanse: Sea salt foot soaks


There are a few ways to cleanse your astral body of foreign entities. One of the best and easiest ways we’ve found is the sea salt foot soak. It doesn’t require you to go to a psychic or a magician. You don’t have to order the ingredients from anywhere special. There is no complicated ritual to perform. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.


1. Sea salt
2. Large bucket
3. Water
4. A timer
5. A God’s name

Find a place you want to dedicate to releasing foreign energies (including negative entities) out of your body. We recommend you don’t do it in an area where you spend a lot of time, like your bedroom or on the sofa in front of the TV. Find a corner that you don’t use often, or even better, go outside if you have an outdoor sewage or drain system nearby.

With this cleanse, you are going to kick astral entities out of your body. So, take time to think of where you want to do this treatment.

In the meantime, search your closets or your local grocery store for a medium to large container of sea salt without iodine. Then, search for a bucket large enough to place both of your feet flat inside it and deep enough to fill your bucket high enough with water to cover your ankles. Even though your bucket should be large, make sure it is not so big that you will be unable to carry it to a toilet or drain afterwards.

Once you’ve decided on the right location and gathered all your ingredients, schedule 20 minutes to perform this cleanse.

Now, decide what God’s name you want to chant. The foot soak will not be anywhere near as effective without a chant calling upon Divinity. So, even if you are atheist, we recommend you chant God, The Most High for the duration of the foot soak. The foot soak does not have to be about belief. It can just be about action… cleansing, healing, purifying… similar to going to the doctor for emergencies even though you don’t trust or believe in modern medicine.

It is really that simple.

When it’s time, take a chair to your chosen location. Arrange somewhere close to your stopwatch (cellphone, clock, watch). Fill your bucket up with warm water – high enough to cover your ankles, but not so high you can’t carry it. Now, take the bucket and place it in front of your chair. Sprinkle three tablespoons of sea salt in the bucket. Concentrate your sprinkles where your feet will be at in the bucket.

Now, sit down in your chair. Place your feet in the bucket. Make sure they don’t touch each other. Your feet should be about a hands length away from each other.

Now, ask your God for help in cleansing out your astral body of all negative entities and energies, thought-forms, attachments, cords, spirits, and parasites.

Check for the time, set your alarm, or start your stopwatch. And now spend the next 20 minutes chanting the name of your God out loud. We have tried a few names. The ones that have so far worked the best for us are Shri Gurudev Datta and God Almighty and/or God The Most High.

When you are finished chanting, dry your feet. Then, take your bucket and dump the water in the toilet or a drain. Flush the toilet or rinse the area around the drain. You want to be certain you flush out all the salt and dirty water.


If you are clairsentient, you will feel the entities leaving your body. They will leave from your mouth, nose, ears, eyes, breasts, genitalia, and feet. You may feel them dropping down your back and your legs. You may feel them popping out of your fingers or bubbling around your feet. You may also get stingy or bite-like sensations. You may feel a sensation like a booger sliding down the inside of your nose.

The larger entities are the easiest to feel. When your chanting begins to really affect them, you may feel them moving or squirming inside of you.. Some of them may cause you pain. You may get a sudden headache, coughing attack, gagging, vomiting or itchiness.

If you are able to feel the activity going on within your astral body, clap your hands. This is good. Once you bypass the distressing sensations, you will find that feeling the activity can help you formulate the best foot soak plan for yourself. You will be able to know if you need to do 3 foot soaks back-to-back or maybe even a fourth one. You will know which sea salt brand works best for you. You will also know how many entities you’ve picked up since your last soak.


1. If possible, don’t pass the 20 minute limit on your foot soak. Some entities are able to return after 20 minutes. But if you lack the proper resources, you can do the soak in the same water for another 20 minutes. It is not the preferable practice. But you will still be kicking other entities out.

2. After the first month of soaks, start mixing your sea salts. For example, you can mix Mediterranean sea salt with Himalayan pink sea salt. Some sea salts work better at kicking out some entities, while others, other entities.

3. Incense while doing foot soaks. Burning an exorcism incense during and after a foot soak will help force the entities out of your space. Otherwise, many of the entities will return to your body right after you dump your bucket of water. Despite the incense, understand that many of them will still return to your body by the end of the day. But you can discourage this by continuously doing foot soaks and incensing. Eventually most of them will move on to easier targets.

4. Foot soaks are most effective if they are done repetitively. As mentioned above, many entities come right back to you, their home. But the more often you do a soak, the less they return. Many entities are looking for easy game. So, plan to do these foot soaks at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 1 month.

5. If you live or work in a place with lots people or negative entities, do foot soaks more often. It’s harder to keep your astral body clean and free when you are around many people or in the home or area of lot of negative activity.

6. When you chant connect to your God or Divinity. The more you connect, the more entities will leave your body and also the quicker.

7. If you have entities in your hands or are feeling discomfort in your hands, place your hands in a small bucket of water and sea salt, on your lap. This way you will be soaking both your hands and your feet at the same time while chanting.

8. Once you’ve become proficient and comfortable with the soaks, you can adjust them to fit your spiritual and devotional needs. For example, if you follow a practice of doing 120 repetitions of Shri Vishnave mantras, you can use instead chant Shri Vishnave for 20 minutes as a replacement.

9. Make sure whichever name you chant is of and from the light. Make sure it’s divine. Make sure its energy is purifying and healing. You do not want to bring in more negative energy. If you are clairsentient, you should be able to use your senses to discern. If you are not, we recommend going with God Almighty and/or God The Most High. There are many Gods, right now, making a comeback. Be careful. Always.

10. We recommend doing foot soaks at least 1 time a week if you live and work in a non-congested and positive area. If you live or work in an area with many people or a high amount of negative activity (like drugs, prostitution, dark magic, rape, molestation, violence), we recommend you do foot soaks at least 3 times a week. If you want to keep clean, this process is not a one day or one month or even a one year thing. It’s a rest of your life activity.

11. If you want to remove the bigger and trickier astral entities within you, we recommend you do at least 1 time a week, 3 to 4 foot soaks, back-to-back. The 20 minute cleanse is a basic cleanse. Astral entities can embed themselves into the different layers of your astral body. Sometimes, you won’t even feel them during your cleanse until you’ve reached a point where you’ve forcibly dragged them to a surface layer where you can now feel them.


Once you have become proficient with sea salt foot soaks, you can start using advanced techniques. Before doing this, we recommend you practice visualization and energy building first. Become proficient in them. It will make these exercises easier to do and much more effective.

These exercises are multi-dimensional. You can work on several things at once while you do foot soaks. That’s the wonderful thing about these soaks. You can advance spiritually and psychically while cleaning out your astral body. It’s equivalent to the saying: kill two birds with one stone.

After doing these types of soaks, you don’t have to do anymore spiritual work for a day or two if you don’t want to. And you will still be progressing tremendously.

1. While chanting, you can expand your crown chakra and the ones above to further connect with divinity. To do this, chant with your eyes close. See the light glowing in your crown chakra. If you have opened that chakra already, you won’t have to visualize it. Within a few minutes of your chanting, it should become visible to you. Now, push that light up. You’re pushing it up, through different dimensions, different chakras, straight up to the feet of the Divine.

2. If you want to work on love, your love, you can work with your heart chakra while chanting. You can do this several ways.

  • While chanting, see or visualize your heart chakra. Get connected to it. Feel it. Make your vision and place in front of this chakra secure. This will require deep concentration. Now, expand that light. Work it like a muscle. See it growing bigger. You should feel something similar to a muscle in your heart being stretched.
  • Complete the previous exercise, but towards the end or during, chant your God’s name through your heart. See or feel yourself pushing that name through your heart. You can also initially see or feel the name circling around in the chakra, intermingling with the energy.
  • While chanting, ask your God or Divinity to send its Divine energy into your heart chakra, to fill it up and energize it. Now, bring in that Divine energy. The energy should be luminous and feel divine. If you’ve worked with energy before, you should be able to feel the difference. When you work with Divine energies, the feeling should be blissful and transforming.

Be careful when working with your heart chakra. Yes, you should definitely actively expand it. But you should do so carefully. It can cause heart conditions like palpitations if you move too fast with these sorts of practices.

3. To make your foot soak more effective when it comes to cleansing and communion, you can chant two names at once – one loudly and one silently in your head. For example, you can chant Shri Gurudev Datta out loud. And at the same time chant God Almighty, God, The Most High silently in your head. Yes, it is possible.

4. While chanting you can also build your entire body’s light energy. You can build to where your energy is big enough to fill and surround your body. Then you can advance yourself and expand your energy until it reaches several feet all around your body. Once you’ve done that, you can start changing the quality of your light, meaning you can make your light more luminous – brighter, purer, stronger.