20 Ways to prepare your home for a high-frequency life

buddha-1279702_1280Once you have chosen your home environment, here are some suggestions on how to prepare and maintain your home:

1. Clean your home continuously. Many negative astral entities are attracted to dirt and clutter. Make sure to clean baseboards, light fixtures, and behind appliances periodically.

2. Minimize your space. Do not allow clutter to build up. Astral entities are attracted to places with clutter. Keeping your space clutter free also helps make cleaning and cleansing it easier.

3. Keep the corners of the inside of your home free of clutter and trash. It’s is best you keep no more than one object in each corner. Negative energy tends to locate itself there especially when incense is being burned.

4. If possible, eliminate carpets. Use floorings that you can clean, disinfect, and sanitize easily and continuously. Carpets have the tendency to collect dirt, dust, scum, urine, blood, and food particles. Some negative astral entities are attracted to this sort of unsanitary-ness. Some even live off the food bits left on the floor. Clean floors help minimize the number of astral entities living on your floors. If you like carpets, try using very large rugs. Make sure to clean your rugs continuously.

5. Hang washable curtains over windows or wooden shutters that can be wiped clean or washed continuously. Windows and window coverings tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust. For this reason, you should make sure cleaning this area is easy and possible. Don’t buy curtains that will shrink or tear apart while washing them.

6. Decorate your home using as much natural fabrics and materials as possible. Use items made of real wood, clay, metal, cotton, silk, hemp, and glass. Stay away from mass manufactured products. They tend to carry a lot of chemicals that are detrimental to your health and the air quality of your home. Also, natural products hold more earth energy.

7. If you do not re-furnish or re-upholster your furniture, try draping sheets or slipcovers over your furniture. This will make washing your furniture coverings easier, cheaper, and quicker. Don’t allow years of build-up to accumulate on your furniture.

8. If you are religious or spiritual, decorate your home with religious items for protection and high-frequency energy. Some examples are statues, photos, paintings, crosses, and sacred texts. You can also add extra high-frequency energy if you use items blessed by estimable religious leaders, saints, and gurus. Make sure to use your clairsenses when bringing in such items. Not all religious items are filled with positive energy. Some actually hold negative energy and entities.

9. Decorate your home with potted plants and flowers. Most decoration items are made of stagnant energy. Plants energize an otherwise stagnant space with their living energy. Plants also help clean air. Certain brands are specifically known to do this. You can also take more control by decorating with plants that have a purpose you can use, for example plants that repel negative entities and insects as well as that attract divine beings and love.

10. Decorate your home in colors that heal and uplift you. Color therapy works wonders in your home if done properly. With color therapy, you can create a room that feels like you are entering heaven every time you open the door.

11. Limit the amount of electronics you have in your bedroom. Try to keep your bedroom as natural as possible in energy. Your bedroom should be where you go to sleep, disconnect, find peace, and engage in love activities. These are important activities. They help you maintain a healthy mind and body as well as increase your energy. Electronics and the the electrical currents they produce make it more difficult to do those things. They can keep you awake at night, distracted, and on edge.

12. Pay attention to who you speak with on the phone in your home. Negative astral entities can travel through the phone whether through pick-ed up phone calls or text messages. So, if a person is suffering from a negative infestation, it can be passed on to you. Astral attacks can also be passed on to you through the phone or email. When this happens, your home and body can become infested with very destructive negative entities. If you catch the transfer early and end communication with that person, you will be able to control how long the entities remain in your home. Within a couple of days, you should see results from multiple daily incensing and sea salt foot soaks. Be aware, if you allow them to claim dominance in your home for months, it will take much more time and planned effort to get rid of them.

13. Clean your air ducts continuously to prevent a build up of dirt, dust and dead insects. Air ducts are the perfect breeding ground for fungus, mites, and all sorts of bacteria.

14. Clean your air conditioning filters continuously. Dirt, dust, and dead insect particles build up in the filters, causing all sorts of allergy and respiratory issues.

15. Unplug your electronics when you are not using them. This will help eliminate some of the electrical current running through your home.

16. Plant purifying, energy lifting, and protective flowers, herbs and trees around your home. This will help repel negativity and attract positive energies. Some examples are marigold, sage, jasmine, vervain, and sandalwood.

17. Avoid fighting, arguing, screaming in your home as much as possible. Anger and hate attract negative astral entities. The more you fall into negative thoughts and behavior, the more they will be attracted to your home. If you must argue, burn purifying incense after the argument. Then, burn incense throughout the week in your home. And meditate. If you have attracted astral entities that live on the energy of hate and anger, they will try to create more discord in you and your relationships in order to produce more negative energy – their food source. So, continuously cleanse your home, your astral body, and your mind after an argument.

18. Limit the amount of low-frequency entertainment you view in your home, like horror movies and music with negative lyrics. Instead play a larger percentage of high-frequency music, movies, and tv shows.

19. Laugh often in your home. Genuine laughter produces lots of positive energy. So, laugh in your home. Bring in friends and family, especially children who will also laugh in your home. There’s nothing more beautiful than a child laughing. Their laughter is filled with honesty and innocence.

20. If possible, avoid hours of crying in despair in your home. Prolonged misery also attracts negative astral entities. It will also attract negative people into your life. When you lower your frequency, you give entrance to all sorts of negativity on the physical and astral plane. So, if something goes wrong in your life, have a quick cry. Release the negative emotion. It’s natural and cathartic to have a cry every once in a while. But after the cry, make sure to do a foot soak. Burn incense. Meditate on how to fix your problem. Don’t dwell on the issues. Focus on moving forward. And then meditate to bring your light energy up.

Remember, your home is energy too. It is the end combination of all the energies you and others have added to it over the years. So, if you want your overall home energy to be happy, you have to continuously feed it happiness. If you want it to be peaceful, you have to fill it with peace.

Take a walk around your home this week. Ask yourself, what kind of overall energy you want your home to have. Then brainstorm the different things you need to do to build that kind of energy. Remember, everything adds energy – emotions, thoughts, furniture, plants, music, scents, colors, energy work, meditation, prayers, chants, tv shows, art, photographs, visualizations.