watch-791714_1920A lot of my experiences occurred while I walked in parks or in forests. And so it goes that one day I did my first lap without incident. The second time going around, I encountered a brown snake on my path. As I was going to cross to the other side of the trail, I clearly and telepathically heard: “Look at your watch.” Although I thought it was all in my mind, I still looked and saw it was 6:15.

It usually took me 30 minutes to do the trail. Well, when I came back around, the snake was still there on the same spot. And then it said: “Look at your watch again.” It was still 6:15. I thought my watch had stopped working until I heard the snake say: “Time is not fixed.” It then slithered away and disappeared. I was awestruck and even more so when I saw that my watch now registered 6:55 and continued to work as it was supposed to.

Another example of animal communication was the appearance of raccoons, big and small on the left side of the trail every evening just as I was about to reach that spot. They would all stand there and watch me. I always said hello to them mentally and told them how happy I was that they showed up to welcome me to the park. New thoughts and ideas would float in my mind about the weather, the food in the woods, the other animals scurrying around and I knew it was them communicating with me.

One day, a squirrel, out of the blue came very close to my legs. I looked at it and said in my thoughts: “ohhh how cute you look.” The squirrel paused in its track to look at me. I stopped and extended my hand to it and lo and behold the squirrel raised its paw to me. I knew it had heard me and responded in kind.

***I have learned that nature relates to us in its own way. It is always there to help us grow if we so desire. It shares with us thoughts and ideas about the environment, the soil, the ground we stand on, the food we eat, the lakes we walk by, the other animals around us and other humans we may encounter along the way.

There are multiple accounts of animals sensing changes in the earth and fleeing an area way before a certain disaster happened. Dogs and cats for example would be restless in their owner’s home, they would bark or meow repeatedly. Animals have been known to save their owners from precarious situations. All we need to do is to pay attention and listen to their messages.