fireworks-2478178_1280In 2013 while driving on I-40 in Oklahoma, I got stopped by a police officer. I watched him pull over another car so I changed lane and passed him. Well, he must have thought I had something to hide because he quickly left that car and put his lights on to stop me. I immediately pulled over. Since all my documents were in order and I knew I had done nothing wrong, I had no fear to face him. I submitted my papers to him and then he asked me to follow him to his car.

I complied, sat in his passenger seat and asked him what I had done wrong. His answer was a muffled response that I was following the truck in front of me too closely. I knew he was faking the reply. What he did not know was that I am a very talkative individual and he was in for a long conversation with me.

As he asked me questions about my work, my life in general, he got to hear about my travels, my hiking trips, my articles online, my dancing, the various positions I have held in the corporate world, the healthy lifestyle I live and so on. We were now on friendly terms to the point where he told me that I-40 is the drug corridor and that he is in the narcotics division watching for illegal transport of drugs. I pointed to all the contraptions he had in the back of his SUV. He explained that he has to be prepared for all types of eventualities.

Now the real story with him is that for the first time in my life an unexpected powerful and weird sensation was going through my body. My heart was beating very fast. My hands were shaking non-stop. I had goosebumps all over my body. I couldn’t control my body from quivering. I could not understand what was happening to me. Although he was a hot-looking dude with his bald head and buff body but this had nothing to do with sexuality.

After much bantering on our part, he recommended I go visit a town in Oklahoma named Heavener where there is a huge rock with runes on it. My only response to him was: “Odin.” He smiled and we parted company.

Unbeknown to me, the same disruption must have been happening to him. As I was in my car pulling out, I watched him via the rear-view mirror bending down to pick up a rock and throwing it onto the side of the road. For as far as I drove, I continued safely looking at the mirror and seeing him still standing on the side of the road.

I ended up stopping in Van Buren, AR at a hotel where I stayed a week still feeling the same sensations. Not only was my body shaking but the bed, the table and the ground were all moving. And then, I understood that what was happening to me was the beginning of a new ability. I was starting to feel the seismic activity or the tremors of the earth.

For a whole month, my life was topsy-turvy as I could sense and feel minor quakes near and far. And then, it eventually died down since I no longer felt the movements.

***All encounters are no accident and some hold greater importance than others. I deduced that this police officer more than likely was a mystic himself and this is why the combustion produced such an amazing result. This is a once in a lifetime kind of meeting and I have great thanks to him because as I moved on, new abilities were slowly developing. The important lesson was to never underestimate what we may deem unfortunate. The outcome may be quite unexpected whether in good or in bad.