fantasy-2900032_1920I spent hours during the months of December 2016, January and February 2017 doing astral traveling. I started out in various chambers in the Sun where I met different beings and conversed with them repeatedly.

Later on in the process, a bright green dragon with shiny scales appeared, introduced himself and offered to train me.

One must always be careful with such offers, therefore I requested of him lots of money, as a test. He told me to follow him and there it was, a room, with nothing but blackness inside. His answer was that if I needed money I could jump into the pit and see what takes place. I stood there staring at the the room and realized I did not want money that bad. Thus, the dragon stated that he was there to teach me, train me and take me to visit other worlds if I was willing and ready for it.

He spent days training me in weight lifting, endurance, flexibility and coordination. The next lesson was on energy blast. At first, I had a hard time doing it but he insisted I could and pushed me until I managed to emit blue balls of energy through my hands. Throwing the balls to a particular target  at a distance in front of me was the next hurdle, but eventually I did.

When he felt I was ready for a new venture, he tested me with clairvoyance by questioning me everyday on how he looked, whether human, dragon or anything else. When I saw him as a a human I had to tell him what clothes he was wearing. There were days he was dressed as a human male in the wildest colors and suits. On other days he came as a female in a wedding gown, a dress or a pant suit. One time he was dressed in a bright yellow “Superfly” outfit, platform shoes and a yellow hat to complete the look. I burst out laughing.

The teaching increased when he asked what animal I saw by his feet. It was a newt which remained there every single day afterwards. Then came a white Pegasus as a gift from Zeus to me. From then on, the Pegasus remained at a distance always observing our work. Another time, a Greek God flew above us in a chariot with horses leading the way. The next God to show up was what I assumed to be a Hindu God because he was dressed in a yellow dhoti. He introduced himself to me as Savitar. We talked about the trials and tribulations of mankind and I got to hear his view on the topic and then he left.

The following teaching was about time and distance and how how flexible and bendable they both are. The dragon had me practice traveling on a particular day to visit someone on earth. For example, when the person sees me let’s say on Wednesday, I actually did the voyage the previous Sunday. I had to manifest the clothes I wore, the shoes, the accessories and everything else before doing the trip. I traveled to ancient libraries, non-existent today. I saw people of the far past, although I was invisible to them.

Next, my green dragon decided that I was ready to travel with him so he told me one day to hop on his back and I did. He took me to Mt Olympus, according to him. He left me at the entrance of a hall and told me I needed to enter on my own. I entered with some trepidation not knowing what was going to happen to me. And there, in a huge hall with very tall walls, columns and other structures I saw tall human beings (although they said they could take any form if they wanted to.) And then, they introduced themselves.

Zeus was dressed as a hippie, with long brown hair and a headband. He was very jovial and laughed about how much he enjoyed his outfit. Poseidon had dreadlocks,  a light brown complexion and black leather pants with dangling metal waist chain. The goddesses were there laughing at the various gods’ display in human garb. Both Zeus and Poseidon stated that they have always been with me even though I knew nothing of them in the past. Several aspects of life were discussed with me and then I was told if ever I needed help to call on them.

The next trip, the dragon took me to Vaikuntha, the abode of the Hindu God Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi. Let me share with you the sensation when the dragon is flying. One moment I am on his back, then we start flying at an incredible speed and enter a dark void where nothing is seen and then we reappear in an enclosed structure where we see just Vishnu and Lakshmi standing side by side in the way they are depicted in various Hindu pictures. The explanation is the same. They show themselves in that manner so I know who they are. The interaction with them was more serious compared to the Greek Gods. They took time to discuss the importance of patience, knowledge, wisdom, ethics and love.

At the end of the session, Vishnu and Lakshmi said that I am welcome to come back and visit them again.

Once the dragon took me back to my astral temple I told him I had learned and accomplished enough for the time being and he would not see me again.

***In January 2018, my nephew who is a trainer offered to train me in weight lifting, endurance, flexibility and coordination and I accepted. Just yesterday, when I was in bed, this whole period of exercising felt like I had already been there and I had done this before. It then dawned on me that it all matched the work I had done with the dragon. I therefore came up with the conclusion that Astral had finally met Physical.