Signs your home is infested with negative entities


In general, most homes have negative entities. Unless you’ve mastered protection on the astral level for yourself and your home, you are bound to have some negative astral activity in your home.

Every time you step out of the door, you pick up entities like bacteria. If you surf through social media regularly, you’ve most likely had an influx of entities into your home, at one time or another. If you receive people into your home, they have also bought entities into your home.

Without efficient protection, it’s near impossible to keep your home perfectly clean of astral entities at all times. So, do not fret too much on that aspect. What you should always pay the most attention to is if the build-up has created an infestation. It’s the difference between one ant crawling on the floor or hundreds of ants crawling everywhere – on your tables, your beds, your chairs.

Fortunately, even if your clairsenses are not highly developed,, there are signs that can reveal if your home has an infestation problem. Here are nine signs::

1. Fruits and vegetables in your home rot faster than usual.

2. A sudden and inexplicable infestation of insects.

3. Continuous rotten odors that have no origin.

4. Continuous break-down of electronics. (Developing kinetic abilities can also cause such breakdowns).

5. Continuously feeling a sensation like bites, stings, or rubbing on your feet and legs while your feet are on the floor or while laying in bed.

6. Feeling something like invisible ants crawling over your bared skin when you sit in a particular area.

7. Often hearing loud noises and banging that have no origin.

8. Dreaming of multiple insects in your room or home.

9. Indoor plants die faster than usual.

These signs are not absolutes. There are many reasons why something may happen… why plants may die or fruits may rot prematurely. Always look at occurrences in your house as a sign telling you to stop, look, and think. It’s comparable to having nausea. Nausea is a sign that says something is wrong. It may be a one time symptom that doesn’t require a doctor’s visit or it may be a sign of grave internal injury.

If you have access to dream control and recall, you can ask your higher-self or a divinity of your choice to reveal the astral aspect of your home to you. You can also sit in meditation and ask for a vision of it. You can use your clairsentience, by sitting very still and trying to feel the energ around you.

These are all excellent ways to practice your psychic abilities. And best of all, you are now practicing your clairsenses to help guide you into living a healthier and happier life.