How to burn incense to clean a space


There are many ways to burn incense to clean a space. Some methods work better than others. In general, the effectiveness of incense cleansing treatments will depend on these five things:

1. What incense scent(s) you burn.
2. The quality of your incense.
3. How frequently you burn.
4. How much negative astral activity exists in the space you want to cleanse.
5. The burning format you use.


There are many incense scents available now, from Jasmine to Bacon. Which scent you use depends on your intention. If your intention is to cleanse your home or a space of negative energy, then you should burn an incense that exorcises and purifies. Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense & Myrrh, Sandalwood, Sage, Jasmine, Cedar, and Saffron are great scents for this purpose. There are others. So, if you find these are not working well enough, don’t be afraid to venture out there.

When considering the act of burning incense, ponder on the Hermetic saying “as above, so below”. The astral plane is very similar to the physical plane. Both planes have insects and parasites that can cause harm to humans and homes. So, think of purifying incenses as a type of insect repellent.

Also, you’ll find one species of insects in one area and another in other areas. For example, stink bugs are native to Asian countries, not the Americas and Europe. So, if you live in New Mexico, you will see them less than someone who lives in Taiwan. The same goes with some astral entities. For this reason, you will find that a scent’s effectiveness is dependent on the type of astral entity as well as the location.

So, when beginning your incense journey, try different scents to see which one works better for you and your situation. If you have developed or are developing your clairsenses, use these abilities before, during, and after burning your incense. Let your senses tell you if the scent(s) you are using is working.


When buying incense, it is very important you purchase top quality incense. The higher the quality, the purer the scent and the more effective the outcome! Try to buy locally. And always buy hand-made incense sealed in a package. Stay away from the artificially scented and mass-manufactured incense. These tend to have chemicals that cause a variety of illnesses like headaches, chronic coughing, asthma attacks, and nose bleeds.

Try to use recently made incense. In general, the longer an incense sits in your home, the less potent it becomes. If you have an infestation in your home, you definitely will want to buy new incense every couple of weeks. Negative entities will negatively affect your incense when they are not in use.


Know that negative entities can return to your home in less than one hour of burning incense, especially if there is an infestation or attachment to your space. The more frequently you burn, the more you will discourage their return.

If you are suffering from an infestation or astral attack, we recommend you incense several times throughout the day. In cases like these, we also recommend you buy long-lasting incense sticks, for example, 4 hour sticks. This way, you won’t have to light a new stick every hour or two. Make sure when you burn your incense, you are home and always aware of your incense. You do not want a fire to happen.


Before you incense, it helps to state your intention and to request the aid of your God(s), Mother Earth, and/or the elements. Here are some examples:

1. “God Almighty, The Most High, at this moment I intend to burn this Sandalwood incense stick to cleanse my home of all negative energy. Please shine your light down into my home. Please fill my incense stick with your divine purifying energy. Please help me clean my space with the highest-frequency possible. Thank you.”

2. “Fire and Mother Earth, I call upon you to help me cleanse my space of all negativity. Please bless my space with purifying energies. Thank you.”

3. “Shri Vishnave and Shri Gurudev Datta, I call upon you this moment to help me cleanse my home of all spirits, parasites, negative thought-forms, attachments, and dark energy. Please grace my home with your purifying energies. Thank you.”

There are many patterns you can use for traveling around a room with your incense. You can leave your incense in the center of the room and allow it to work its magic. You can incense from the back of your house to the front, pushing all negative energy out the front door. You can travel clockwise around your home. You can also place several incense containers around your home to burn at the same time.

From using our clairsenses, we have so far found that it is best to burn incense for many minutes in each room. Walking around, moving from spot to spot every minute is not long enough to force many energies away. They will remain as you move on to your next spot. For this reason, we prefer to blast each room with a large amount of incense smoke for at least 15 minutes. In those 15 minutes or more, we move the incense around the room, making sure to smoke out each corner and the center of the room.

When burning incense in living areas, treat the area with most traffic the longest. Parasitic entities tend to congregate where humans (their food source) sit and lay often. So, you’ll tend to find a larger amount around sofas and beds.

If you are cleansing an infested room, it is best to leave your incense burning for the entire life of the stick or cone. If you are using incense sticks, it is also best to burn more than one stick at a time. This will produce more smoke and a stronger scent, making it less tolerable to entities. Two to four sticks in an appropriate incense burner is good.

Another method is to place 2 to 5 containers containing 2 to 4 incense sticks or cones around the room. For example, if you use 5 incense burners, you can place a burner in each of the four corners of the room and in the center. This method works well for large rooms. The amount you use should be dependent on the size of the room. When doing this method, please remember your smoke alarms. The more smoke, the more likelihood, one of your smoke alarms will ring.

Another method is to walk around slowly with your incense burner in your hands while you are also burning incense on the floor. This method works well for rooms with high ceilings. It takes care of entities that reside high in the air as well as low towards the ground. If you suffer from respiratory issues, it is better to place the burner on a high table than to walk around with it. This way you will breathe in less smoke.

If you want to burn incense on the floor, it is important you put your incense container on a non-flammable, heat-resistant item like a baking sheet pan. Make sure the pan is long and wide enough to provide sufficient protection from flying ash and flakes. Before placing the pan on the floor, place it on another item. This way you do not have to worry about an excess amount of heat ruining your flooring. If you have carpet, be very careful with this form of burning. One flying flake can cause a fire.

Always be alert when burning incense. Never leave it unattended. Always turn off fans, including ceiling fans. Not only do they dissipate the smoke needed, they also cause hot ash and fiery flakes to fly.