Cleansing your body: Showers


A basic way to purify your body is with a shower. As you walk through your day, you collect dirt, bacteria, mites and/or pollutants on your skin and hairs. Your body expels oils, which when mixed with the dirt on your skin, creates a layer of scum that can attract critters in the physical dimension as well as in the astral.

Showers are also a quick and easy way to expel negative thought-forms that may have attached themselves to your energetic bodies throughout the day or night. Notice how much better you feel after a shower.

Every week, you should have at least four showers focused on purifying your energetic bodies if you are not doing other purification treatments. Here are some suggestions:

1. Shower alone. It will be easier to focus and relax. You won’t have to expand energy on anyone else but yourself. This is very important. There are very few places today where we can be alone, away from people, animals, and external stimulation like cellphones, computers and televisions. So, claim your showers. Claim at least four showers, four days a week. Know that this is your time to focus on solely you, your purification, and your connection with God, Divinity and/or Mother Earth.

2. Connect with the water. Water is an element that is easy to connect with. It is also a great conductor of messages. So, at the beginning of each shower, connect with it by stating your intention for that shower out loud. For example, when you turn the water on, you can say: water, please cleanse my body of all negative energy. Please wash all negativity out of me and down into the drain.

3. Chant your divinity’s name. This is a wonderful way to empower any shower. Not only are you turning it into a powerful ritual, it also gives you extra time and energy to connect with your divinity without much disturbance. For those few minutes, it is just you, the water and the divinity. You can also chant the name of a divine being connected to a mantra that is about healing, cleansing or enlightenment. The great part about chanting while taking a shower is, showers tend to relax you. And the best times to connect with Divinity is when you are relaxed.

4. Visualizing is another way to empower this basic purification ritual. As you stand under the flow of water descending from the shower-head, imagine negative, dark spots being pushed down your body and into the drain. You can also visualize water as streams of white light, descending down onto you, pushing all dark spots down your body and into the drain while filling your body with light energy.

Water in its simplest form can work as a cleanser and a healer, especially in combination with chanting and visualizing.