Cleansing your body: Salt water baths


Another method of purifying your body that is more effective than a shower is the salt water banishing treatment. Sea salt mixed with water has magical properties that can exorcise non-corporeal entities from the body.

In the past, it was common knowledge that the sea was healing. People would go to the beach, submerge themselves in the sea, sit for hours breathing in salted air, and drink tonics made of sea water.

Move a few centuries forward, and now you can buy your healing treatment online or do it free with ingredients you have in your pantry. You do not have to spend a fortune at a sea-side resort. You can do treatments from the comfort of your home with just a few spoonfuls of sea salt and a bucket of water. If you live by the ocean, even better. You can mix home treatments with ocean treatments.

The great thing about salt water treatments is there are many to choose from. From bathing in the ocean to spelled bath salt soaks to holding a glass of salt water between your feet – there are many methods, each with its own benefits and effectiveness. You do not have to limit yourself or price yourself out of an effective treatment.

One of the best salt water treatments we have tried and can recommend is by Dr. Athavale at Spiritual Science Research Foundation. It is called Salt Water Spiritual Treatment. You can find free directions on his website:

If you decide to do Dr. Athavale’s treatment but are not particularly religious, you can chant the words: God the Most High and/or God Almighty. We found these words to be quite effective in releasing entities too.

Whichever salt water treatment you decide to do, I advise you to pay close attention to how you feel while you are doing it and after you have finished. That will be the best way to judge its efficacy if you are not clairsentient. Salt water foot treatments can feel useless and non-eventful for those without clairvoyance and clairsentience.

For those with a strong clairsentience ability, these treatments can be a scary process. You may feel unusual and sometimes horrific sensations like particles falling from your nostrils, worms squirming in your organs, in your forehead, and behind your eyes, droplets cascading down your back, pinpricks in your toes, bubbles coming out of the soles of your feet. You may also experience pain, nausea, dizziness, shivering, pressure in your head and blurriness in your eyes.

If you are not doing a spelled treatment (meaning, using salt that has had a spell placed on it or a banishing ritual using spells and other magical components), we recommend you chant the name of your God while doing the treatment. Many astral parasites cannot withstand the divine power of salt water mixed with the name of God or a divine being. You can also boost its effectiveness by burning a purifying incense before, during, and after the treatment.

With all that said, please know that doing salt water treatments will probably not be the complete answer to exorcising all the astral parasites from your body. Some parasites will take many days and much more than the 15 minutes Dr. Athavale recommended. Some will take for you to change your lifestyle and thought processes. Some will be so difficult it will take the help of a trained healer or a deity.

Fortunately, the more treatments you do, the more negative attachments you will remove, and then the easier it will become. Negative entity attachments cloud your mind and subtly influence your personality and actions. From inducing pain, to creating obstacles and causing confusion, negative entities can make everything big and small, triple harder to accomplish.