Maintaining a healthy body

woman-3307573_1280Anyone who has been sick knows that healing is a complicated process. It takes time, doctor visits, medication, rest, and sometimes even surgery. For this reason, it is better to prevent illness as much as possible. Health is important in divine living for many reasons.

  1. It is difficult to focus on spiritual development when you are sick or in pain. Pain and discomfort place stress on your body which helps to lower your frequency.
  2. Ill health forces you to cure it, often times through synthetic medication and surgery, both of which can also lower your frequency.
  3. Ill health can send you to the hospital for curative care. And, unfortunately, many hospitals today are filled with astral parasites looking for new bodies to live in and feed on. So not only will your body be fighting your illness, it will also be fighting the infestation of your astral body while you lay on a hospital bed.

For these reasons and much more, it is better to avoid illness as much as possible. With proper knowledge and healthy practices you can do this.

First, know that illness can be caused by a variety of reasons like an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight, disconnect from earth energy, negative thought processes, destiny, genetic diseases and disorder, astral, psychic and magical attacks as well as the locations you visit, work and live in.

Second, know you have a large control over the health your body (but less in cases of genetic diseases, genetic disorders, and destiny). So, as you move along, it is best to use every opportunity given to you to control what you can control, direct what you can direct, and change what you can change. This is a big aspect of divinity… living divine… Learning to control, direct, change, and manifest.

Now, take a moment to think about your body – how you look, your body shape, your skin, its color and texture. Rub your hand over the skin covering your arms and your face. Now, think of the number of cells needed to give you the skin you are feeling. Think of the number of cells that had to combine to give you your body, that solid shape you walk around with.

Just like how on the physical plane your body is made of many cells, your body on the astral plane is made of many energies – some yours and some foreign. And all those energies combine to form your overall energy.

So, one of the best ways to maintain your health is to fill and feed your body with energies that are healthy and positive like daily devotionals, positive mantras, healthy foods, positive thoughts, joy-filled emotions, love affairs, inspirational movies, uplifting music, spiritual books, weekly meditations, fun exercises, tree hugs, park lunches, sun appreciation, divine light visualizations… There are a plethora of positive activities you can do to feed your body’s energy. The key is to look for them.

Another important activity you should do to maintain good health is to continuously rid your body of toxins and negative energies. You can do this many ways. Sea salt foot soaks, healing meditations, spiritual chanting, religious mantra repetitions, dry brushing, Qigong practices, detoxes, chakra cleanses, and swimming in the ocean are just a few.


  1. Take a piece of paper and list all ailments you have, if you have any.
  2. Go through each ailment and ask yourself what may be causing it.
  3. Ask yourself what can you do different to solve the problem.
  4. Take another sheet of paper and list all the positive activities you currently do to feed yourself positive energy.
  5. In another column, list all the activities you currently do to feed yourself very high-frequency energy.
  6. In another column, list all the activities you do not do, but want to or can do that are positive or filled with high-frequency.
  7. Take another sheet of paper and list all the ways you release toxins and negative energy each week.
  8. In another column, list the different ways you can release toxins and negative energy.
  9. Now, carefully study these 3 sheets of paper. You have before you a key recipe to better health and spiritual transformation.


The more you begin to see the world around you as energy or a bunch of energies interacting with each other, the more you will be able to understand the health of your body.