How to spiritually choose a home

holiday-house-177401_1280Before you begin the path to Divinity or pursue a high-frequency life, we recommend you choose your home with careful thought and planning. It will make the journey much easier. Why struggle midway through your journey when you don’t have to. There’s so much to fight for or against already in this world. Your home shouldn’t be one of those things.

Here are some suggestions we’ve gathered to help you choose the right home:

1. If you have the financial ability, choose a single family home over a multi-unit property or duplex. Single family homes are a lot easier to cleanse and protect. In multi-unit properties, you share the astral plane of your home with everyone who is living on that property, unless you are able to securely block the perimeter of your home from your neighbors’ astral entities. It is comparable to an apartment complex that has a roach infestation. No matter how much you keep your apartment clean, you will see roaches crawling around.

2. If you are able to, choose a house on more than one acre. This will make it easier to cleanse and protect your property. The closer you are to your neighbors, the more you will be affected by their astral environment. Having property that is larger than one acre will also give you more room to meditate, land to roam when you want to leave your house and connect to nature, and a place to grow your own high energy, protective, and/or Divine garden.

3. Do not live in areas prone to theft, burglary, murder and rape. Avoid places that will be dangerous to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Areas high in crime many times have an astral content that reflects it. Remember many astral entities love strong negative energy.

4. Do not live in areas where low-frequency activities occur continuously. Some examples are motels, casinos, bars, drug houses or houses that are brothels. Low-frequency activities lower the energy of the area. This will make it harder for you to increase your home’s frequency to a high level.

5. If you live in a country that is militarily aggressive, do not buy property near military bases.

6. Do not buy or rent a home with people who participate in low-frequency activities like prostitution, sex with prostitutes, promiscuity, drug use, theft, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, violent rages, masochistic or sadistic behaviors. Even if you live a high-frequency life, you will still be bombarded with the negative energies they accumulate. You will also have a hard time cleaning out your home if negative entities reside within them. Their negative entities will have claim to your roommate’s body and space.

7. If you must buy or rent with others, the best people to share your home with are those who carry a similar energy as yourself and who are interested in following a similar spiritual path. It is a lot easier to maintain a clean home and body when everyone in the home does their part in keeping clean. And it is also a lot easier to progress on your path if you live with someone who encourages you through informative conversations, compliments, and the sharing of ideas and activities.

8. Do not buy or rent a home with people who practice dark magic. Unfortunately, it is hard to know what people are practicing without developed clairvoyance and clairsentience. Most dark magicians do not reveal their deeds quickly and openly to those they are befriending or dating. But if you happen to know ahead of time, beware that most black magic spells attract a high-level of negative entities, even demonic entities. These entities are difficult to chase away since they are tied to the magical deeds of the practitioner. Meaning, in order to accomplish the magic, negative entities were used and many times, rights were given in exchange. Sometimes, a contract is even signed. Be very careful around such magicians. Their astral surroundings can prove detrimental to your ascension and especially to your well-being.

9. Do not buy or rent haunted houses. These houses tend to be infested with all sorts of negative astral entities, not just ghosts. If the house has been haunted for a long time, it may be hard to kick them out without professional help. It is better and easier to avoid such houses from the beginning.

10. Avoid buying or renting in negative hot spots and vortices. These areas tend to have swarms of negative astral entities who not only invade your energetic bodies, but that also eat your energetic shields away quickly. These spots also tend to have stronger negative entities that are not only very dangerous to your well-being but that are also more difficult to remove from your astral body.

11. Choose a home with lots of windows. This will allow you to air out your home continuously. Not only will this make it easier to bond with nature, but it also can help cleanse your home of stagnant energy. Also, the more windows you have, the more sunlight can enter your home.

12. Choose a home with good access to the sun. The sun is a powerful healer and uplifter. It has the power to lift and transform energy. It also has the power to nurture and nourish. For this reason, you should choose a home that gives you the possibility of working with sunlight within your home.

13. Avoid homes that are next to electrical poles sites, garbage dump sites, highways, heavily trafficked roads, and hospitals.

The key is to avoid living with people and in areas with strong or plentiful negative activities. If you can avoid it, why not. If you can eliminate a percentage of negative entities entering your home by choosing the right area to live in, why not.

Walking the divine path is not just about increasing your vibration, it is also about truly understanding your environment – the physical as well as the astral, the seen and the unseen. When you understand, you can begin to control, on all levels.

A side note: we do not believe all drug use and prostitution is negative. Anyone who takes part in such activities with love, peace, joy, and spiritual advancement in mind is journeying down their chosen path to enlightenment. And that in itself is a beautiful thing.