High-frequency minds: Transform your thoughts

girl-1459844_1920All thoughts are energy in the astral dimension. Even though you cannot see this energy without strong clairvoyance, you may be able to feel them. Most humans by adulthood, have developed high enough sensitivity to sense certain energies directed at them.

For example, have you ever felt like someone was staring at you and turned around to find someone was indeed staring at you? What you felt was that person’s energy reaching out towards you. Energy follows focus. That person’s focus was on you, so a part of his energetic field was sent towards you. Great magicians have been known to use this technique to cause the people they are focusing on to do things unintentionally, like falling while walking.

Have you ever met someone you knew instantly to beware of without any actions or words spoken as foreknowledge? Have you ever been around someone who disliked you so much you felt uncomfortable in their presence? Have you ever felt a person’s sexual interest in you without any verbal or physical validation?

Take a moment and think about all the times you knew something intuitively. Think about all the people you intuitively knew to love or beware of. Think about the situations you intuitively knew to jump into or run far away from. Each time you use your intuition you are tapping into energetic system of the matrix.

Tapping into the energetic system can occur at different levels. You can tap into it for a second to obtain just a hint of information, enough to push or warn you. If you are a stronger psychic, you can tap deep enough where you can pick up the thoughts of others in the form of images and words. How is this possible?

As stated above, thoughts are energy. The more you think about something, the more energy you push into that thought. The more energy you push into that thought, the more you give that thought, form. The more form you give that thought, the stronger the impact and the longer it lasts.

So, if you are someone who constantly thinks negative things about yourself, you are creating downfalls for yourself. For example, if you are constantly saying to yourself you are ugly, you are constantly creating and strengthening energetic forms that repeat back to you: “you are ugly”. This creates a cycle of negative energy, constantly recycling and replaying.

The same goes for someone who is constantly angry. Each time you get angry, you create energetic forms that are filled with anger. The stronger and longer your anger, the stronger that angry energy becomes. Eventually, enough of these forms are created to fill your home and oppress your energy. When this happens, you will begin to get angry for no reason.

So, what happens to these energetic forms when you decide to no longer feed them your negative energy? If they are weak, they will slowly dissipate. If they are strong, they will move on to their new target. These forms will find someone to feed off of and influence negatively.

Know the reverse can happen. Someone else can create these negative forms. And when these forms decide to move to a better target, they may choose you to feed on and influence. So, in the last example, it could have been someone else’s angry energetic form that came to you and caused you to go on an angry bend for a month, forcing you to feed it while creating more such forms to fill the astral dimension.

Now, think of all the times this past month you have been in a negative mood or thought negative thoughts. Some negative moods and emotions are guilt, depression, sadness, anger, hate, boredom, revulsion, panic, sorrow, frustration, disappointment, egotistical, greed, envy, jealousy, cruel, and hate.

Now, think of all the times this past week you have had negative thoughts about yourself, others, or a situation. Some examples are:

⦁ I am stupid
⦁ I am insecure
⦁ I am poor
⦁ I am not worthy
⦁ I am not good enough
⦁ I cannot do it
⦁ I hate her
⦁ She is so stupid
⦁ He is such a pig
⦁ She is really ugly
⦁ He is low-class
⦁ I hope she never gets married
⦁ I hope he never finds a job
⦁ I hope she dies in a ditch
⦁ I hope he goes crazy
⦁ This place sucks
⦁ I hope this business goes bankrupt

Now, review your two lists. Which emotions, moods, and thoughts did you hold for more than an half an hour? The problem is not as much in having the negative thought. Instead, it’s more in focusing on the thought. If a thought is in constant playback mode in your head for more than a few minutes, you are in creation mode.

So, how much negativity did you create this past month?

Now, think about all the people on this planet right now? Think of all the negative energetic forms that must be created everyday throughout the world. Now, think about all the negative energy that has been created throughout history. This is what we, humans, face and battle with on astral level.

Now, you have reached the point where you must decide. Will you take responsibility for your actions? Will you take responsibility for creating these negative energies that have affected you and others around the world? Do you want to change? Do you want to stop adding to the negativity that already exists in the astral dimension? Do you want to live more positive? Do you want to live a high frequency life?