emotional-2709511_1280In March 2014, I lifted out of my bed and next saw myself coming down in a room via the ceiling.  From that level, I looked at a table where some men and women were seated at and they appeared sad. The women were crying. Then they looked up and saw me. They all had a look of shock on their face. And then they asked me “Quien es usted?” I told them my name.

The next questions were where I came from and what I wanted. I glided down and sat next to one of the women and I asked why they were crying. They answered that their grandfather had died in the earthquake. I listened to their story and their sorrow at the losses they had just incurred. I tried to console them and give them all the support I could offer. I hugged each one of them warmly, bid them farewell and flew upward through the ceiling.

This experience made me understand how Maria de Jesus, the Abbess of Ágreda was said to have visited the United States while still in Spain.

***On April 1, 2014, an earthquake hit Iquique, Chile. I therefore deduced that I had traveled to Chile, visited the above folks before the earthquake occurred. Could it be that Astral met Physical.