Exercise: Transforming occurrences


For every problem given below, create a positive affirmation(s) and an action to circumvent it.

⦁ I moved to a new city and feel very lonely.
⦁ My best-friend dumped me for that stupid guy. I hate her.
⦁ My kids are spoiled-rotten. They drive me crazy.
⦁ My boyfriend makes me feel so alone and stupid. I can’t do anything right.
⦁ My teacher is so mean to me. She hates me. And I hate her right back.
⦁ My neighbor is always screaming at me. He makes me cry every time I see him.
⦁ How dare that driver cut me off. He’s pissing me off.
⦁ My girlfriend is always saying I never do anything right. Maybe she is right.
⦁ The psychic told me someone cursed me. I believe her because everything seems to be going wrong.
⦁ My parents drive me crazy. They don’t understand me. They are never on my side. They are always screaming at me. They make me feel alone, unwanted, and so angry.

The purpose of this exercise is to teach you how to change negatives into positives, to get you into the habit of creating positive affirmations and seeing positive possibilities wherever you go.