Ways to connect with divinity


If you want to connect with Divinity or God, it is important you make an effort to do so. Just like it would be hard to graduate with a degree without studying and attending classes, it would be hard to connect without often attempting to do so. Fortunately there are many ways to connect. God has provided us a plethora ways to connect with It. It is up to you to discover more methods and which methods better fit you at each point of your journey.

You will face opposition in your mind and body as well as in your surroundings. But you need to know deep inside this is the path for you. And you need to know that you are ready, willing and able to pursue it, fight for it, grab it, and feel Divinity every chance you get.


Prayer is a traditional form of connecting to Divine beings and God. It can be found in every religion, old and new, polytheistic as well as monotheistic. The wonderful thing about prayer is that it comes in every shape and form. All that is required is words.

You can pray in praise of Divinity. You can pray expressing gratitude. Or you can say a prayer asking for a boon.

Prayers can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can say a quick prayer as many do before a meal or you can do hour long prayers in combination with a ritual. It can be short or long, joyful or solemn, philosophical or literal, physical or magical, direct or indirect, with movement or at standstill, blunt or filled with fuss and fanfare. The beauty of it is – it is up to you. You decide how you want to pray.

Each time you pray, you can change its format in order to keep it fun and interesting. Or if you have a more steadfast personality, you can keep the same format and just focus on the energetic strength of your prayer. Again, it is all up to you.


Chanting like prayers can be practiced in many formats. Generally, chanting is the repetitious singing of a prayer, mantra, name of God, or sacred text. You can chant silently. But most find it more powerful to chant out loud. Either way, chanting spiritually will increase your vibration and the vibration of your surrounding environment.

The key to chanting is to feel what you are chanting. You need to have deep emotional connection to the words and the musical notes of the chant. The more you feel the Divine spark in chanting, the more effective your chanting will be.

Sometimes, finding the connection can be as simple as changing the tone and rhythm of the chant. For example, you can chant the Lord’s Prayer in a modern, folkloric, or operatic format. You can sing it in English or in Latin. You can also sing it in a traditional Irish singing format with some lilting added in to give it some flare.

Again, the key is to learn what connects you more effectively to Divinity. Depending on your tastes and experiences, some tones and words will sound more Divine than others. You must find what feels Divine for you.


Mantras are sacred sounds, syllables, or words believed to have psychological, spiritual, physical, and metaphysical powers when repeated. “The earliest mantras were composed in Vedic Sanskrit by Hindus in India, and are at least 3000 years old.” In Hinduism, there are mantras for all purposes. There are mantras for healing, exorcism, removing obstacles, achieving success, obtaining wisdom and knowledge, increasing concentration, and gaining psychic powers called siddhis. Many of these mantras simultaneously help the practitioner connect with the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, and Divinity, in general.

The idea of mantra meditation is not only found in the Vedic and Hindu religions. You can find it in many religions and spiritual schools around the world like Buddhism, Sikhism, and Christianity. For example, in the Catholic religion, it is customary for practitioners to pray the Rosary, named for the string of beads used to count the component prayers. This prayer format consists of repetitious praying of the Hail Mary, Lord’s Prayer, and Glory Be. Many Catholics consider the Rosary as the best form or prayer and as a weapon against evil.

For those who are not religious or are atheist, the New Age and Theosophy community have developed some effective mantras to repeat. The I AM mantras are particularly effective, especially when added to visualization. The repetition of the phrases like I AM light; I Am love; I AM beautiful; I AM peace; I Am light divine can have an enormously beneficial impact on your light frequency.

The great thing about mantras is that they can be repeated anywhere and anytime. You can repeat them out loud while you are home. You can repeat them silently or underneath your breath while in the presence of others. You can even repeat them silently while you are talking to people and watching movies. You can also repeat them while you are doing everyday activities that don’t require much concentration like taking a shower, washing dishes, preparing meals, washing your car, cleaning your house, and walking in the park.

For more advanced mantra work, try repeating mantras right before going to sleep. You do not have to count them. Just repeat them until you fall asleep. This method will help set your mind on a spiritual path before sleep. This can help prevent your spirit from traveling to the nether regions while you sleep. You will be more likely to travel to heavenly regions for teaching, healing, problem-solving, and other soul work.

Repeating mantras while showering can also be extra beneficial because water is a conductor and a cleanser. So, repeating mantras while showering will deliver your spiritual or material messages to Divinity more effectively while helping to cleanse your body of negative energies. You can use this method for prayers, chanting, and singing as well.


Music is a wonderful way to connect to God or Divinity. Some think you must only sing spiritual or religious songs to feel a connection. This is not true. Divinity is diverse. And so there are many more song choices in the world you can use. The key is to always pay attention to what you feel on the inside. You must be honest with yourself about your feelings.

What some find offensive, you may find deeply stirring, reminding you how God is everywhere and in everything. In that moment, while singing that deeply stirring song, your heart expanded and love energy rushed through you. Deep in you, you felt God. You may have even seen It. You received a vibrational increase that you may not have received if you were singing a religious song that did not not resonate well with you. This is why you will always be the best judge of what you need at each moment on your path to Divinity.

The key again is to always pay attention to what you are feeling on the inside. Today, you may feel deeply stirred. And tomorrow, you may feel depressed or hateful. As you change, so will your inner reaction to everything and everyone. You must remain vigilant of this because your inner feelings can be used as guiding tool on this path and in every aspect of your life. All you have to do is listen.

Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Even if the person is right and is giving you wise advice, you must always follow your path. You must exercise your freewill with the full knowledge that each action has a reaction.


In the past, many civilizations had varying forms of devotional dancing. Unfortunately, this form of dance has become near extinct. It is a lost art form. Something that is saddening. But all is not lost. You can teach yourself, your own version of devotional dancing.

To do this, you must first learn how to connect with your inner-self, how to feel vibrations within your body and in your surroundings, and some basic leg, arm, hip, hand, and head movements. Once you have learned this you can begin experimenting with movement.

You will need to be able to feel what moves make you feel Divine and connected to something bigger than you, whether it is God, Divinity, Mother Earth, or the Universe. Once you’ve tested and re-tested your movements, you should start to record your movements on paper or on video. From there, you are free to use these movements free-style, coordinated or trance format.

If you are not interested in formatting a new dance, but you already dance another dance that you enjoy, we encourage you to look deep inside you the next time you dance. Be honest with yourself. What do you feel? Happy, sad, sensual, anger, envy, self-confident, peaceful, powerful, sex-craved, clean, dirty, earthy, airy, watery, fiery? Where you go from there is up to you.

Remember, you can feel a mixed set of emotions. You can be happy, sensual, and powerful at the same time. You can feel like a fiery fairy gliding on top of clouds. But one emotion you should always look for is happiness. Doing something that you hate or makes you depressed is in opposition to Divinity.

Also, remember that emotions can be influenced by people and location. For example, you may feel more happiness dancing somewhere your ex-boyfriend does not dance. You may feel cleaner dancing in a ballroom studio than in a nightclub. You may feel more peaceful dancing sensually only with your partner, instead of with everyone who asks you to dance.

Once you have determined your feelings, you should meditate on why you feel those emotions and what you can do to change or better your emotions. Always look for options. This is the wonderful thing about our current world, there are many options. You just have to open your mind and find ithem.


Meditating is another traditional form of connecting to God and Divinity. It is one of the most effective and purest ways to do so.

Meditation, like prayer and chanting, come in many different formats. You can meditate while repeating mantras. If done correctly and reverently, the repetition can put your mind and vibration at the perfect state to connect.

You can also meditate by eliminating all thoughts from your mind. By sitting in empty silence, you give your mind time to rest and freedom to connect indirectly.

You can also meditate while doing certain forms of yoga. This type of meditation is best with slow uncomplicated forms of yoga. With faster and complicated yogic routines, you risk damaging your joints and muscles. Until you become a master at yoga, you want to always be conscious where you are placing appendages and how much you are stretching your muscles. Meditating while doing yoga is like taking aspirin or drinking alcohol before yoga class. You will be unable to correctly judge what movement is beneficial for your body.

The great part about meditating while doing yoga is the energy that flows through your body while doing yoga. When done properly, yoga releases feel-good hormones. It also relaxes the muscles and the mind. This consequently, opens you further up to Divine energies.

Some say you can meditate while doing most activities. But we advise caution with this. You should be present in all your activities. This way you remain in conscious control. This can help prevent mistakes and accidents from happening from not paying attention to your current environment.

If you want to meditate while doing activities, please make sure you are in a controlled environment. For example, make sure there is nothing for you to trip over as you walk up and down. Make sure you are wearing clothing that won’t make you trip or that won’t get snagged on a loose nail or piece of wood.


Ever read a book that brought you so much enlightenment, your mind felt on inspirational overload? Ever watched a romance movie that made you walk on clouds all night? The energy you receive and produce from such events are immense and can push you many steps forward in just one moment.

The more of these moments you have, the better you will be able to capture the energy within you and use it for your advancement. This is the best time to meditate and connect. It also is the best energy to use to create, sing, and dance. For this reason, you should watch movies and read books in varying genres.

You should not remain only with religious genres. The world today is diverse. You have many more opportunities than ever, open and waiting for your divine input. There is so much room for divine advancement in so many genres like the arts, spirituality, metaphysics, politics, agriculture, green architecture, eco product innovation, romance, and cultural diversity. How will you know where you can divinely influence change if you do not open your mind and interests? How will you know what to discuss with fellow seekers who come with differing interests?

Divinity is not only religious. It is also spiritual, innovative, artistic, scientific and much more. If you look at a hill of wildflowers, you can see the art Divinity has gifted us. If you look at the creation of mankind from an egg and sperm, to a fetus, to a birthed baby – you can see the brilliancy of God’s science.

The key again is to pay attention to how you feel. If you feel deeply inspired, encouraged to move forward on your spiritual path, a need to connect to something higher and divine, happy, peaceful, in love – then you are on the right path.