Astral wildlife: A personal account

mosquito-1016254_1280Astral critters come with their own energetic make-up. Just like on the physical plane there are many species of insects. Most emit distressing energies like sadness, greed, hate, jealousy, and dissatisfaction. Some emit these energies to purposefully cause you distress as a way of creating food – a stream of low-frequency energy. For example if you were not angry and all of sudden you are angry for no apparent reason, it could be an astral critter subtly influencing your emotions. The same goes for sex.

There are astral critters that feed off of sexual energy. They will stimulate your genital organs to the point of heightened sexual need. This may influence you to have sex or masturbate, thus producing sexual energy for them to feed on. If it is a strong, the sensation can build to the point where you can easily lose self-control, where all you can think about is sex.

There are also ghosts who lived a life that were sad, deprived, hate-filled, or angry. Some had addictions to alcohol, drugs, or sex. Some were sick for many years. Many also died horrible deaths. Because of this, these types of ghosts emit low-frequency energies and character traits that will influence you negatively. These frequencies and traits, as well as the energetic garbage they shed can cause illness.

In many communities, today and in the past, illness is associated with astral and spirit problems. So, when you have an illness, especially an inexplicable or rare illness, the first place to go to for healing is the local shaman or priestess. This also can go in reverse, especially in places like America where modern medicine has taken over. In many communities, for example in the Haitian and Asian communities, if the medical physician cannot solve an illness, the next place to go is to an alternative or magically-trained healer.

I, myself, have felt the pain left behind by astral critters. For example, after an astral critter attack, I was left with a horrific pain in my thigh. I could feel the critter digging into my thigh as if it was using the tip of a knife. The longer I stood standstill on the leg, the more I’d feel the pain. Sometimes, I’d even feel the pain while I slept. It stayed with me for several weeks until I did sufficient salt water treatments, back-to-back.

I have felt pain all over my body due to astral critters – in my feet, fingers, breasts, jaw, legs. The more clairsentient I became, the more I understood what was happening. Some critters enter sleekly with very little sensation. And some enter like a knife or a needle. Some enter quietly but after a few hours start creating pain in that region.

I have also felt them enter in unexpected places like the buttocks, ears, throat, and up the nose. The nose critters are especially bothersome, especially when you are clairsentient. They tend to flutter around the tip of your nose and just inside. Ever notice people swiping at the tip of their nose for no apparent reason?

It is my belief, you can not have anywhere near complete control of your emotions, feelings and body, and thus your actions, if you are astrally infested with astral critters. Influence, whether physical or subtle, is influence. I understand there are many cultures that welcome and/or worship ancestral spirits. I also understand that influence can come from many different places, and not just astral wildlife. In the end, it will be up to you to decide how pure you want your body to be and how far you are willing to go to purify it.

Know that the salt water treatment and most purifying treatments are not the perfect solver. Our astral dimension is currently overflowing with parasitic astral entities and most people are infested with them. So, as you walk through life, pass and interact with people, you will pick up new entities.

If you are clairsentient, you will feel them hop onto you as you talk to someone. Or you may feel you swallowed a swarm of flies when you walk by someone infested with these types of tiny critters at the grocery store. The sensation can become really disturbing if you unknowingly walked into a negative energy hot spot or vortex.

As the earth continues to go topsy-turvy before it straightens out again, you will have negative energy hot spots popping up all over, especially in places associated with war, poverty, mass murders, and overwhelming injustice. There is a park I have walked for years with no problems. And all of a sudden, a multiple acres wide negative hotspot opened up. It left me sick to my stomach, shivering and in pain.

It was unusual because half of the park was energetically fine. But the minute I entered the second half of the park, I could feel the pressure weighing down on my chest. And in one particular spot, I could feel an invisible hand pressing down on my head. In search of another park a few blocks down several days later, I started getting bitten harshly, invisibly. I was astonished how wide this hot spot had stretched.

What was even more disturbing were the number of houses sitting in it and the playground filled with kids and moms carrying babies. Here, they were playing, walking, and jogging, not knowing what had just opened up right on top of them. This is how our current evolution will make the biggest change.

The more people develop their psychic abilities, the more they will be able to see and/or feel negativity. Eventually, when they learn to integrate this knowledge into their everyday lives, they will begin avoiding people and places that are negative. People will no longer be able to hide negative traits behind smiles, jokes, and lies. All will be transparent. Who you truly are will be reflected by your astral surroundings. And all will be able to feel or see it, or at the very least learn about it through those that have the ability.