9 Ways to cultivate high-frequency relationships

people-3104635_1920In a high-frequency life, there are many ways to raise and maintain your vibration. You can watch high-frequency movies, read thought-provoking books, engage in reciprocated love affairs. You can also cultivate high-frequency relationships.

Here are 6 ways to use relationships to increase, restore, protect, and maintain your frequency through interacting with people.

1. Socialize with people who have a similar or higher frequency. Not only will such activities be enjoyable, they will also increase your frequency as well as the energy of the people, event, and location around you.

2. While interacting with friends and family of similar high frequencies, purposefully choose to join energies to order to raise your energies as well as the energies of the location. You can exponentially increase the energies around you through visualization, thought creation, and other energy work. When doing this make sure you and those involved are clear about the purpose of such an endeavor. Your group’s intentions should be guided by the energies of unconditional love, compassion, peace, and freedom. It’s best to perform this through your heart chakra (not the third eye or crown). If you have access to your divinity chakras (above the crown chakra), you can also work through them. The key is to not to spread low or muddied energies.

3. Go to festivals, conferences, and other events that are frequented by high-energy individuals. Look for events that are geared to high-frequency activities like meditation, chanting, earth healing, watching spiritual movies.

4. Form a group of high-frequency individuals and arrange to meet several times a year. At these meetings, practice different meditations, visualizations, and chants with the purpose of raising each others energies. Remember to make the mission of this group clear: to increase high-frequency energy in every participant. Do not deviate. Deviations often times bring undesirable variables. Also, remember this must be a group effort. Every one needs to want to be there and participate fully. Energy can be pushed up, pulled down, or kept stagnant.

5. Form a partnership with one or two other people with similar frequencies and goals. Practice regularly raising your energies. By keeping this group small, you will be able to meet more often, pay closer attention to each others energetic needs, and better control procedures as well as the social dynamics inevitably involved.

6. Encourage believers and searchers you associate with to cleanse their individual astral plane continuously. The less low foreign energies they contain in their individual astral plane, the easier it will be for them to raise their frequencies, and thus you. It will also mean the cleaner your meetings with them will be. Astral entities can jump from person to person.

Cultivating relationships is not just about you receiving, it’s also about you giving. Giving is a very important aspect of receiving. Here are 3 ways you can give to a relationship in order to receive higher frequencies:

1. Compliment people with genuineness. Kindness is light energy. Sending light energy to others is a very effective way to raise your energy. Not only will it make you feel better but it will make others feel better too, thus promoting higher exchanges of energy. When people feel that they are accepted and liked by someone, they gravitate to that someone with an open heart and happier vibe.

2. Smile more often to those that you meet or pass on the street. Genuine smiles is another form of light energy. Brightening up a strangers day is another great high-frequency activity. It is helps attract positive arrows of energy to be shot back towards you. Remember we are all energy and so, we help create the energy of a location and event. When you brighten the mood of those around you, you heighten the energy surrounding you.

3. Laugh often. Laugh with your heart. Let your light shine forth. This is a great way to raise your energy as well as the energy in the space you are in. Again, when you brighten the mood of those around you, you also increase their frequencies, thus the overall energy surrounding you. So, take time to look for humor all around you. And take time to experience joy.